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The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread


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Picture of my boys this morning taken with my new Canon 250D and 50mm lens

  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
One from the back garden tonight.

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NINETY PERCENT. by Aaron Crowe, on Flickr
Hello people, been a very long time since been in this thread. Also been a very long time since posting pictures in here, just been through the last couple pages and a few new names i don't recognise. Good pictures to be honest and i really like this one Aaron.

I've still got all my kit too and still the 500D lol


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We went for a walk around a very quiet London late last week - armed with just my iPhone, I was pretty impressed with the results!

Just wished I took my full set-up now!

An Eerily Quiet City of London by Simon Nicholls, on Flickr
  BMW Z4

Just bought a drone and figured I’d take advantage of the golf course being empty for the last time. This was the first pic taken on the drone.


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Haven't been out much recently. I've been teaching my 4 year old photography in the back garden, he's had a small camera for a few years and we'll get him a proper one for his birthday. I say proper, it'll be a little point and shoot but something that's better than his 1.2mp camera now. Not sure he'll like the fact that there wont be any games/stickers on it though.

I entered the NWPA (North Wales Photographic Association) exhibition this year. I haven't had much success previously. I had 4 accepted this year.

This finished 10th from 299 entries in to the Open colour category


This finished 10th from 299 entries in to the Open colour category (I tied with myself?)

This finished 32nd from 299 entries in the open colour category

This finished 7th from 192 entries in the Photojournalism category
  2006 Megane R26
Caught the cat being her normal lazy sh*t self the other night whilst we were watching TV.
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Still hardly used the camera. In fact, I've not picked mine up for over a month. I have been upping the shutter count on the wife's 6d and 24-70 lens (simply because it's been in the living room since the baby came home)
I'm doing another 365 of the baby. Done it for my first so it's only fair I do it again.

Quite like this one from last week.

I'm waiting for some clear skies, hopefully Sunday/Monday as I need to get a photo of a friend's house in the countryside while he's in hospital.


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Well I got a few photo's of my friends house. I'll go back next year when he's got the driveway sorted if he's well enough and get a better photo. This will do for the time being, quick edit just to show his wife.

2 image vertical panorama. Left the plane trail in, checked with his wife and she thinks it looks better in than if I'd have taken it out.