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The N/W Meet 2

  Skoda Fabia vRS

at me g/fs atm so ill upload pics later

good turn out guys an nice to meet/talk to you all, got quite a few north west members now havent we

the police turned up about half an hour in, but they were completely fine with us, so thanks a lot for that if you somehow read this, thought we were gonna get chucked off even though we were just talkin, but the copper i spoke to was really pleasant and fine with us havin our meet an chattin to each other, sorted !

hope everyone enjoyed it, an got chance to have a good chat with everyone, probably have the next one in the same place as it seemed a decent place to have it, next one will probably be next year now guys, everyone will probably be busy at xmas

  Skoda Fabia vRS

dont think its worth me sortin the others guys, unless someone wants me to, as there all really dark, oh well

oh an its interestin how all the plates have just appeared white ?!
  BMW 335i M-Sport

i think another meeting is in order to get some good i right ?....

........ bring your thermals and a brolly......lets have the next meeting at a police them some petrol money finding us.....public enermy no 1.......ha:p
  williams and trophy

hehe unlucky brun

will have to have an earlier meet next time for some good shots

that astra is 1 fukkin quik car.............well it would be if it could find some grip lol

nice to see n chat to u all again tho

adi hehe some nice dual carraigeway action on the way in. well have to get a camcorder next time to see the flame shots lol

  clio 20v

pity the shots didnt turn out

hehe the convoy from trafford turned into an all out race as the lancs is just too tempting for a seasoned quarter miler like jon for a bit of dragstrip action and he baited me into a race lol

and our cars spit little flames which i was impressed with

good turnout though


Shame about the pictures! First meet i went to and i enjoyed it. Adi and Jon, next time i wont hang around for my mates RT so be prepared for a better race!! I must say i found everyone really friendly and helpfel, special thanks to Adi for showing us the way and stopping when RTs got lost in the excitement:D
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hey dont b bad mouthin the RTs hehe ;)

we rule !.........whose was that green RT ?....whats his forum ID ?.......

ive just ordered the spoiler he has, where did he get it sprayed ?

sorry for the million questions

he is my mate from manchester. He doesnt come on the site as he actually does work at uni whereas i just come in for the fast net access!! He got it sprayed in stockport, cost him £80? sprayed and fitted(plus whatever he paid for spoiler)

just got registered, i got the spoiler sprayed and fitted for £90 in a small place in Stockport, near the Peel Centre, behind the vauxhall dealership. Ill get the details of it if you want brun?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea id appreciate it mate, gonna be getting quotes soon an yours looked a very good job

alright all Brun mate got me dtm mirrors and spoiler done at the same place good price mines the clio with the lexus lights if u want the number give us a pm or"> the astra was quick btw 2live u got some balls raggin the arse off your car round the bends in them conditions lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hehe, dunno what there problem was, not as though it was a cruise or anythin with some nova boys

the coppers were sound though, even said have a good night.........couldnt believe it !

Good night apart from not staying that long, Alrite kelly, hows you bud, its colin with the williams 2 that was next to you at the rr day, the astra is the lad who was with me that day. take it easy kell

  williams and trophy

ren 16v mate i cant say it was brave of me to be driving like that in those conditions..................... stupid maybe lol

no seriously the willy never felt like it was gunna get outta shape (apart from the time i went round the roundabout twice fairly quik lol) and i feel that the michelin pilots are very good in the wet hehe. ask cols mate he seemed to be quite impressed with the grip of it ...............even the "fukkin ell this is fukkin quik" comment was well recieved lol


  TT 225

Hiya Col!!

I remember you, and your mate now :D Mebbe see you both soon? e-mail me if youre not busy on December 14th m8