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The new wheels

  Williams 2, 182 cup
Here is my girlfriend's clio which was fitted with TSW Pace wheels.


Now fitted with Wolfrace Eurosport Spyder wheels.



The pictures are not the best and the car could do with a wash lol.
  Williams 2, 182 cup
They will be but the tyres need replacing and the rims have some kerb marks. PM, me if your still interested.
looks good

fecking love the 1.6 16v's

How come you like them so much mate, i've though about a 1.6 16v if i can't afford 1*2 insurance, then do mods to it that are transferable over to the 1*2 that will definately arrive the year after.


ClioSport Club Member
Timmay had a 1.6 16v with some Nice Subtle Mods on it for a while before he went down the RS Route... Good Cars if RS' are just out of reach
  A Euro'd one...
I actually like it mate. I dunno if you remember but I did an insurance quote for your dad a few month's back with Endsleigh.
  Williams 2, 182 cup
Yeah it is Dinks old motor.

I remember, glad someone likes them, I think they look far better as they are a dishy wheel giving the car a wider appearance.
  Williams 2, 182 cup
They are the only pics I have at the moment.

Will get some more when the car has been cleaned.
  Williams 2, 182 cup
Timing belt went but all fixed now.

It is lowered on coilovers.

I thought they look spot on but personal taste, that and the pictures are not that good.