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The NW Wales drive out - from the Rallyes :)

  Peugeot 106 Rallye S1
Hi chaps - saw you out yesterday, as we were heading into Betwyscoed on the A5 you chaps were heading out towards Capel Curig.

Hope you had fun we certainly did... I guess you spotted us :)

also saw the Type Rs out.

what route did you chaps use? I've seen the post elsewhere in the forum but as a 'non member' I can't post there - sorry :eek:
yeah well spotted matey we did see you all look's as if you where having a good time . we took a nice 4 hr run out through the valley's . lol


  ST on the way...
Oh yes! We saw you!! :D

Oooh a rallye....and another.......and another......OMG they're all out!! lol

Was good to see so many out at once :)
  Peugeot 106 Rallye S1
I'd heard you chaps were out - so it was cool when we saw you.

We did over 200 route miles I think, the route is on our post over on the Rallye forum.
  Vectra :(
oooooooooo If i had of come i would have probably tailed off and followed the rallyes for a bit.