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The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

  Clio 172 phase 1
How do I realign my bumper it looks very similar to one mentioned earlier. Looks like locating tabs wear away over time

Old Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
I do often question if I should sell my BMW E34 to fund another Ph1 and use the sale money to restore it to a good OEM+ condition, I am sure it would go a long way! Looking in this thread does not do me any good!
I know of a really good base for that project....

Old Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
Don't tempt me....yet!! I know I would regret selling it, just as I did my old Ph1 despite that being ruined, but very well looked after. Is it yours by any chance?

Some very nice looking Ph1's posted recently.
Yeah I've got a 56k mile rust free one. Keep meaning do some bits to it but never get round to it


ClioSport Club Member
Couple from me.

Newly acquired flamer.



Sunny going into her tent for the winter.


Exclusive came out for a breather.


30k iceburg which has not been on road since 2005.


62k titanium not been on the road since 2010.


Really nice titanium I purchased same time as flamer.