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The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.


ClioSport Club Member
I have created a separate thread but what better place to post the below than in the PH1 appreciation thread.

By trade I am a Graphic Designer mainly in the automotive industry and 21ten is a new passion project for me to try and allow me more time with my son.
On Monday I am releasing 3 stocked prints of the Phase 1 172, the 172 Cup and the 182 Cup (here is a peak at the Phase 1).

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 16.48.51.png

I also create custom (stocked prints with modifications to suit your vehicle) or bespoke prints (complete 1 off's).
If you are interested in having your car replicated in a high-quality print either please pm me on here,
see this thread:
or visit on Facebook and Instagram


ClioSport Club Member
  Mazda 2, Ph1 172
Anyone in here able to post or PM me some close up pictures of the fitment/shut lines at the below areas

headlight/bumper/bonnet/wing (Basically around the headlight)

wing to bumper