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The RB Mark 1 Clio valver - Saved forever


ClioSport Moderator
Hello All,
Most of you know i have a Mark 1 Valver conversion already and the Fiesta TDCI. But this popped up, cheap as anything, was ready to be scrapped so i thought id give it a lease of life before deciding to do what i wish with it.

So I got the car checked out by Banther in Bristol, got it Transported to London, where i got a flight down to London, then picked it up.
Passed its MOT needed a few bits and bobs, but this is the result.

It made its first show, and the ONLY Mark 1 on the CS stand at Trax.

It drove from Trax all the way back up to Scotland where its home shall be for a while.

This car has some minor problems, so don't expect a minter, few dings/damage, few unfortunate modifications. Spoiler fell off after i noticed it was rattling when filling it up with petrol so removed it.

Car has full leather which needs restored too. Car comes with an after market alarm and a "popper lock" for doors and rear boot.

Dartford tunnel closure :(







3 Variations of the family



It make it to scotland without a skip of the beat and was brilliant to drive up.

Sure needs work, but meh, could be worse.

Least its saved from the scrap heap to live on and be used for track days to come.

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
Hat off to you mate.

Goes to prove you scots are f**king mental. :)

Mr R.

ClioSport Club Member
  A special one.
And I thought I was nuts at times.

Anyway, shame you wasn't a bit further down the country.
Could of met up for a beer.
Words cannot describe how much I luaghed on the way home when we was talking about you trying to park in the cliosport stand and you telling us about how none of us would be around if it was for your little mark 1 ;') going to follow this and hope you fix it up nicely looks like it could do with some tlc. :)


ClioSport Moderator
I know, Nik's Mrs said it wasn't a sport. Clearly, doesn't know, but she was corrected, plus shouting I'm Scottish and FREEEDOM worked out well. Only joking.
But serious, Mark 1 Valver = first sports on the block.
Any way car is rolling well today. Pulls like a train, so may look at tidying things up later tonight inside it.


ClioSport Moderator
Wee bits a bobs over the weekend.
Still issues with the door strikers are still not coming off.

Heater replaced along with reostat as it as gubbed.
Took door cards off to fix the pop lock solenoid but not replaced yet


ClioSport Moderator
Some pics from the work today after Driftland




YES the doors now fit and look good. Lockers fixed and secured in place.




Got a working fan and controls. Also got the cassette cover installed so looks a bit tidier.





Now those horrible hinges are gone





Oh surprises arrived on Friday too :)
a pic I took at trax. I wish I had mine still I sold it beginning of the year. Was a f7r Williams engine. Awesome cars
this was mine.


ClioSport Moderator
Well, it may be retired for the winter now.
Starter motor has thrown the solenoid right out the casing. Have to get a new one now.

Just fixed the door electrics too as I got that annoyed with the door poppers.


ClioSport Moderator
Ordered replacement springs for front. Also new starter for this.
Hope the manifold comes off easily.

Doors now unlock and lock happily. Also found the rear heated screen was unplugged at the loom. Plugged in and working again too.
I bought them fitted in the wishbones, it happens to every set, stus had 2 sets do that, that's why the design changed to thicker sleeves and harder bush material.

Sell them and get the new ones.