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Them pesky bugs!!



Whats the best way of getting them stuck on dead flys off the front of ur car, i've been t-cutting them off but is quite hard work, is there any other magic formular out there?

What do you use?

  Iceberg 172
i have the same prob. As a preventative measure; I hear certain paintwork treatments can help stop them sticking to the car but i havent got round to trying it yet. I keep meaning to try popping to the local jet wash to see if they come off easily with that


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
^^^^ Like Alan says . Get it waxed n sealed . Next time the dried on bugs will come off easy .

You need to soak and rehydrate thedried on bugs to shift them . If they are really bad make a strongish mix of shampoo and water and spray the bugs and leave them to soak .It should make it easier to get them off . Mines well waxed and thats what i do if they are really baked on .
Clay is fine once n a while tho remember what clay is strips the paint of anything on the surface, polish, wax sealant etc.

If they dont shift just washing it, try putting a large micro fibre towel in some hot water then place it over the fly spattered area be it bonnet/bumper or windscreen.

  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™
I use a bug remover. Simply spray on the mess of bugs, leave for a few mins, and it washes off easily with warm water!

Tis really annoying tho. I got a few splattered up the front of my car, hence she is getting a wash tomorrow...


Thanks for all the ideas, been a great help.

Basiclly i need to wax it more often, (like more than never:) ) and wash them off regularly, that mit looks pretty good, think ive seen them in halfords, is that the same thing?

Borrowed some AG tar remover aswell to try.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
The megs lambswool mitts have a mesh on one side for removing bugs . Not all lambswool mitts are the same , some are just double sided lambswool with no mesh .Tbh though once its cleaned and waxed the bugs should come off with just washing using a lambswool mitt .
  RB 182
Bug and Tar remover from Halfords... just spray it on, leave it for a min or two then give it a good buff over!! Its gets wrid of tree sap that i keep getting!