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they all do it Lumpy idle thread?

  A45 AMG 406BHP
ive heard this from numerous people- (they all idle slightly lumpy)
carnt remember both my old 172s doing it....

front lambda
cleaned throttle body

And its still lumpy- idles very close to 1k when warm..

if i raise the revs to just above 1k, it runs perfect
as soon as it drops to idle around 1k- lumpy

seems to idle better when cold due to it not idling at 1k

What could it be.....

PH2 182
They do idle a bit lumpy.

If the performance of the car isn't affected, just save the money you would spend on parts and accept it.
  Stealth 438'd 182
like chris said.. timing... but depends how severe it is it might not be most of them run like s**t from cold! whos changed the belts?


ClioSport Club Member
  Many Things
I'd seriously get it checked, my trophy ran like dog s**t when the timing was out, was nice and smooth when it was put right
  A45 AMG 406BHP
Renault did the belts.....
its not bad hense me not thinking timing...



ClioSport Club Member
  Arctic Blue 182 FF
Yes mines really smooth compared to your vid,but it always has been
  clio 182 cup
dont be so quick to blame the timing, although its possible, consider an air leak? just the smallest air leak anywhere can cause lumply idle, modern engines are clever, and using signals from various sensors to stratigize the idle, but if its letting air in that it doesnt know about, it gets confused, even more common than that is the temp sensor, vws are really naughty for these. youd be amazed what can make an idle rough, and not flag up a fault, i too had this problem, sorry, have, had it as long as the car, in the end, i put it down to cylinder 1 being slightly down on compression 1= 120psi 2= 170psi 3=170psi 4= 170psi. probibly just not seating propperly, or even abit burnt out. i just put up with it, cos im buggered if im doing a head gasket just to re- lap one valve!!! :rasp: