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Think she broke it!

  Silver 172 Ph1
So I took my lady out to a large industrial estate to drive my 172, she ragged the hell outa it (not that I dont) but bounced it off the rev limiter a few times and wasnt easy on the clutch.
Well when I got in to drive home I had a brand new rattling sound, seems to be most loud in fourth at about 60 its higher pitched than the engine. I got back home and looked under the bonnet and the strap that holds the air intake had come off but it still seems to have the rattle...I think she broke it.

I thought it might be the exhaust but revving it with clutch dipped or out of gear and its not there.

Any ideas?
  Lux'd Glacier White R26
Lesson learnt here. Never, and i mean never(!) let your Mrs drive your toy! Deffo sounds clutch related mate.

  Lux'd Glacier White R26
Sorry dude ;)

I'm sure the more technical guys amongst us will diagnose your problem with ease mate.

Possibley try to see if the noise increases with a lower gear, hit 60 in 2nd, then 3rd, and see if its louder than when you hit 60 in 4th...

  Silver 172 Ph1
Took it to the mech last night, he thinks gear box. Hes talking £400-500 yay my week just gets better :)

Does have original exhaust was willing it to be that as it probably needs replacing anyway but seems more serious.

Cheers for help though.