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This aint it.?

Noticed when attempting to change rear brake pads. Surely thats not right. Car is 04 plate 182, 41,000miles. That shock absorber was replaced at about 13,000miles.


What now.? Is that safe.?
When you get out the car, you hear the rear suspension creek.. suspect this is why.

Shall ask dealer about it, never know..may get new 182 cup suspension shock out of it again as i had one replaced not so long ago. :)
  Lionel Richie
thats just the plastic gaurd rubbing it, nothing to worry about

the creek you hear is probably the rear pads slipping on the rear discs
  FF Blackgold 182
172 Dave said:
lowered? only a bit o scuffing sure its not the handbrake u can hear creakin when you get out esp if ure a bit lardy :)

Lol. Yeah u do get a bit of creakin from the rear calipers, especially when ur on a slope. Take it from a Fat Boy like me!;)