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This Just Looks Wrong!

  Golf GTI PP Mk7
i maintain that there shud be a written exam before certain people are allowed to own things. he needs to be shot.
  RS Meg 175
that is awful, once could get a small east asian contenent under the wheel arch....pittyful
  ZT 1.8T
farking hell i only posted this 10 mins ago!! u guys not got anything else better to do :clown: :rasp: lol
seems like ALL the owners who attempt this monstrosity run out of money when it's time to uprate and lower the suspension...

would look 10 times better if it was lowered and on some half decent wheels
ugh i just saw a mk1 v6 today decided to park beside me :) and even the gf said i shud sell mine next year and get one, she's just seen this and said how bad it looks so yup it looks pretty sh*t didnt even do the doors!
  MY10 R35 GTR
63/500 said:

you aint wrong there kiddo, what a sack of sh*t

well said!!! what a mess.... looks like one off the wee petrol remote cars u could get wi hug wheels and a wee body
Apart from the tractor style ride hight the kit looks well fitted and is miles better than most modded up 1.2 piles of chav
  ZT 1.8T
we r not mocking the quality of wots been done, its just wots been done!!! but alot of time and effort has been put into that mess


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup Mk2
Looks like this car took some bad steriods....its horrible and just not right.