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This LCD


  The Cleee-O
Picture is good. Only thing is though it's only 50HZ. It depends what you're gonna watch on it, but I'd say if you were looking to buy a set now, you've gotta get one with at least 100hz. Makes the picture soooo much smoother and nice to watch. Plus if you watch fast moving sport or anything like that you won't get the ghosting which you can get with LCD's. But the sound on it isn't very good. Samsungs are awesome sets, don't get me wrong. But you have to crank them up to the max to hear what's going on. The speakers are behind the set, which is why they are seemless on the front. :)
  Clio 200 Raider
Yes or no for the price?

Any other suggestions around this price, say £800 maximum.

No smaller than 42" though.

Ben :)

i have this tv but in 40 inch. its an awesome tv, i paid £550 from dixons, so £699 is a steal for the 46 inch, they have just reduced the price it was £800.
the tv does say 50hz but it isnt its 60hz the only thing lacking is 100hz but im not to fussed about that as most tv's dont do 100hz good enough in my opinion and im not sure i like the fast forward type effect.
plus this tv is able to play mkv's flawlessly through the tv usb slot. worth worth the money!


  The Cleee-O
The G10 has better spec than the S10, but the S10 is still a beast!

The only real difference is the G10 has the freesat hd built in, the S10 is just a normal TV. :)

Yea dude! Panasonic always make epic panels, I would highly recommend one like i say. S10 is an awesome bit of kit as well, no matter what price it goes for. Sounds like at 700 quid to be a gud investment :D
  Nissan Jewk
G10 has the latest neo-PDP panel which can be much brighter than the S10 or save 40% electricity at the same level of brightness.

G10 has latest VReal4 PRO processor (S10 has last years VReal3), 600Hz sub-drive, better contrast, deeeper blacks, more shades of grey and hence a better overall PQ. And of course the extra Freesat tuner.

Or alternatively, the only real difference the G10 has is the freesat HD ;) lol