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12 mins!!!!!!

For a full oil and filter change and whilst it was draining i also swapped the chip!

Not a scrath on me or the car! didnt have to get underneath....what all this raving about the 16V being hard!

Bring you oil and filter, change whist you wait!


Right, off to go take some pics!

Ta Ra!

Its not that hard is it. Did mine last week and took no time at all.

1st time round was a different story though! lol!

Yup, I did mine in about 10 minutes. If you reach under the inlet manifold and feel around a bit its pretty easy to change the filter.

The last garage I got to do it said they had to remove the radiator! WTF!!?
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See mate good job I motivated you to do it now!!

Your little childs hands have there uses mate ;)

im a small person.....little jap racer style! lol

Yeah, jsut reach inbetween the headlight and rad, twist and go, got it off in about 15 secs, then waited ages for teh oil to drain out.....

Aaron, i should be down this weekend, ill pop a new one on if you want........

We should have an official fast you can do the full change!

Im gonna say a good 5 mins as i did cahnge the chip, test, then put the original one
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hum... I guess I can go quite faster than that! got the engine out. :)

you should try drain the oil while is still hot.