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This weeks mod..LOL subs

  Mk1 16v

look good mike. are they designed for free-air or enclosure? silly question i know but u know lol

Personally i woould have left them covered with cloth, around my way they would be out of that boot in no time.

I am surprised that the shop that sold them suggested using a std parcel shelf.

Renault are not renowed for build quality and the bracket will last at least a week before breaking. (Subs weigh alot).

I would mount them in a sealed box. Then there are no thieving scum that would opportunistically take them. You could then possible mount the amp on the box. When you do enthusiastic driving you could take the whole lot out?


its not a standard shelf by the looks of it. its got a big lump of mdf under it with the subs bolted to it.
  Volvo S60 T5

I cant mount them in the boot, big bottle of NOS gets in the way and need my boot space.

They are a line I sell on the net, just wanted to upgrade my old system, mounts will be fine and have been before with the 12" sub I had(custom shelf), must admit this set-up sounds so much better than before.
  Illiad V6 255

Quote: Originally posted by Andy_sport on 13 May 2005

>Only if you want volume rather than deep bass.

yep, also depends on the kind of music you prefer
Well old blokes like me and Mike like Perry Como. Subs make his voice sound great :D
  Volvo S60 T5

Perry rocks mate, glad someone else likes him.

Put the amp in today and set it all up, sounds great, piccys tommorow of final install.

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