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Thoughts on my rep?

Brought this a month or so ago.. Needed some work doing.. 111k on the clock but had a 60k engine put in by a garage (with proof and receipts), all old mots, receipts, service history, manuals etc with it. Needed an mot but checked it all over and was spot on and NEEDS tax.. Promised would be sent by previous owner once came through but still don't have it to this day.. (@JT172 <<<<).

A few of you might say it's a waste of time with a 1.2, but I'm only 19 and insurance was way to much for me on a sport, besides most the pricier bits we're done by previous owner (sport bodykit, wheels etc) just needed some tidying up to be a nice rep.. Shame about the sunroof though lol.

Going for a standard sport look with some stance.

Since owning it:
-swaped ph1 interior with clean ph2 interior
-new headunit, speakers and wiring all round
-fixed mystery oil leak (after changing a few sensors then realising the previous owner left a 10mm out of the intake when cleaning it out)
-changed ridiculously loud exhaust system with brand new standard system (de-catted actually sounds pretty nice)
-chucked de-wiper grommet and replaced with brand new rear wiper blade and arm
-bosch aero front blades
-changed standard 1.2 handles with gloss black sport ones
-de-stickered of all gay window stickers
-tiger sealed any loose trims
-cleaned, polished and waxed

To be done:
-source local 172 rear beam
-re-badge tailgate (clio, renault and sport badges)
-swap a standard sport rear bumper with my one (has exhaust recess)
-tidy bodywork (key marks on drivers side and general scuffs)
-get headlight washers
-stance.. Coilovers and spacers all round
-wheels.. Ideas please? New, or spray 182 alloys oem silver?
-smooth and spray/renault sport sticker bullets

After a wash in and out this morning..




Previous thread needs deleting.. Cleared half of text then went out of time limit to edit after re-writing lol.. Here's some more pics old and new


ClioSport Club Member
  RS300 + 182 Track
Looks good mate. Would suggest changing the 182 wheels for a 172 style wheel. Turini's would be a good option IMO.
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ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Probably one of the best reps I've seen man, and far better than what I was driving around in when I was 19 lol... (bloody hell that's 10 years ago now and I'm still rocking a Clio!)

2118's? Wheels of kings :D


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 200 RS EDC
I like the 182 wheels on that.

Spacers, cup spoiler done!


ClioSport Club Member
Definitely wouldn't be putting 172 wheels on it, they're gash. Turini's if you can, but not vital, and they don't come cheap.


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Looks better already. Sort the bodywork and a few bits and it'll be nearly as good as my two.


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
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It looks a damn sight better than my 172, but you need to find a silver insert for the gearstick,
first thing I spotted on the interior shots.


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Love it, remember this from when Joe had it, great car dude.

If you want to get Joe's attention, call him Timothy ;) isn't that right rtcempire Kyle 86
  2x S1000RR
il be selling a 182 styled back box soon that works with the wheel well in place, could make it an even better rep ;)
  Williams 3 / 172 Cup
Very nice looking rep, turinis would definitely finish it off! Fresh silver turinis would look lovely against the black.
Cub. Yeah I did think that but don't like the debadge look on tailgate and the clio one alone would look s**t. Did think at one point of having clio and renault badges and something silly instead of sport but again would look s**t, and yeah contemplating smoothing and painting bullets black? With no stickers, really not sure what way to go with them..?


ClioSport Club Member
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I would buy some BG touch up & do the best I could on those key marks & also get some Xenons to finish the front end.

Cheers steve, yeah I'm gonna have a go at it with a mop aswell, if not £220 to respray rear quarter and door. Xenons will add to list.
Up for sale people as I meant an astra van for work.. Got a thread but is over priced on there. Looking for £1500, give me a text 07557808120