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Throttle stuck?!

Was driving along today, put my foot down and went to change gear and car hit the limiter and was bouncing off it!!!!

Pulled over, and popped the hood:

- Basically the throttle body has stuck
- The throttle cable itself is working fine, no sticking in that
- The actual spring that seems to bounce it back to the orignal position doesnt seem to be pushing the throttle body completely back to where it should be
- So as soon as i put my foot down it sticks!
- I can push the throttle body back to its original position (push it back all the way) and its fine but as soon as i let go it goes back to slightly higher than normal idle (2000) revs. As soon as i put my foot on accelerater it starts sticking at 4000/5000 revs!!!!

Driving it home wasnt fun!

any suggestions?

Cars a mk2ph1 1.6 rsi cable throttle
  PH1 172 Sport
take it all apart and give it a good clean. My be time for a new throttle body if the springs started to weaken
Any other ideas? Put loads of wd40 around the spring area seems to have done the trick, took it for a 60 min spirited drive and afterwards the idle was a bit funny/high

  Clio 172
As its the throttle body and intakes into the engine I would rather use carb cleaner to break down any deposits, plus its safe to spray there as its designed to be use with the engine running and is safe inside there. Not sure if there are issues with using WD40 there incase it gets in the engine?

  wait and see ;)
wd40 probs will be ok just not in large amounts, as said carb cleaner works really well and is meant for the job, i think the engine has to be running aswell whlist using it but dont quote me on that
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
wd40 will be fine your engine will just burn it of but i would only use it if i could not get any carb cleaner .
  PH1 172 Sport
Dont use carb cleaner or wd40 when the engine is running. Its really not a good idea as you are changing the fuel mixture going into the engine and you might cause some damage. Take it apart clean it with carb cleaner or WD40 wipe it dry then put it back together. Much safer for the car as well