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Ticket help

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A friend of mine just received a parking ticket through the post for £60, the supposed offence took place in October. Should she contest this, as she is positive that she never parked on double yellow lines, ever and never had a ticket on her window screen? She does park near there as she works close by.

Is there a time period that they must notify you by like speeding tickets?

I thought they had to put a ticket on your screen there and then not wait three months and send you it in the post.


Pay it, Ive argued about thirty tickets (Im an engineer and need to park in some dodgy spots) and have only got away with about 5-8 of them). Look for a fault on the ticket, its the easiest way to get away with it.

You think life is a b**ch and then you meet a traffic warden! :mad:
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Well I get at least two tickets a month in SOuthend and Ive contested every single one for the last 6 months and got away without paying a single one. In fact its got to the stage nowadays where in my challenge letter I taunt them for their stupidity in issuing tickets that I can so easily avoid paying because of a technicality. Anyone can, its just most people dont bother or start to worry once theres talk of court appearances.

Anyway, if I were you I would write back and say that you require further evidence of the offence occuring as you have no record of it and due to the time elapsed between the supposed offence and your receipt of the NTO, you cannot recall being at the location stated and you believe that they have made a mistake. Ask if they have any timed and authenticated CCTV footage of your car or the stagement of a police officer as witness to the supposed offence. It is your right to find out about this so dont be put off. The way I look at it is its a win-win situation - in a weird sort of way - if you challenge and get away with it then you have won. If you challenge and still eventually end up having to pay, it will have taken at least another three months before you have to pay (if you exhaust every avenue of challenge you have), and during that time youre causing them hassle and costing them money having to put staff onto your case because you wont just pay up and shut up. So at least if you ever pay the ticket they wont have made a profit on it.



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Quote: Originally posted by EightBall on 09 January 2003

You can get a ticket after the event I think they are called a "Notice to Owner"
Hope this is a help.

What do you mean "you can get a ticket after the event"?

I was told that unless the parking ticket has been served / actually placed on your car, you can drive off whilst the warden is writing it out! So the guys who stand and argue or plead with the warden is actually giving him / her more time in which to complete the notice.

Does anyone know if this is correct?

I know the wardens in Durham will take a photo of you if you drive off and then do you, Ive had it done twice! :mad: Suppose its the same as being done for stopping on hatched markings from cctv footage?
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Thanks for you help on this, still recon it is low to send a ticket through the post three months after the supposed offence, which in my friends oppinion never happend.

As for being at the place on that date she works on that street so would have been there but always parks in the designated staff area, not on double yellows.

It could be a scam, ive heard of it before. People just go out looking for cars parked in an area, then send a ticket to them months later with a fine, most people just pay up without question.

If I was your friend Id hold on a few weeks and see what happens, ie see if they get another letter. All you have to say is that you didnt recieve the first one. If theyve waited 3 months to dish out the serving letter then another month isnt going to matter!!!;)

No I wouldnt recommend waiting - theyll then sting you for double the amount. Contest it, worse case scenarios is as Nick Read says. I contested one before, didnt win but at least it takes em a couple of months to get the money off of you and several letters to boot.

With regards to traffic warden issuing certificates - I though they had to place it on the offending vehicle? - If they are still writing it out and you drive off then theyre f****d - they cant do you. Problem is, they may well of put a notice on your car and some tw*t has thieved it off so you get a bigger fine!

I say keep a stash of black paint in your boot - next time you park up on a yellow line, get out and paint over it! - Job done......legitimate parking space!

  BMW 320d Sport

Yes GR is right AFAIK, the notice has to be served by being affixed to your car. IF you drive off while theyre writing it they have no proof that the offence occurred or something like that ie, when they post it to you you can legitimately claim that they must produce more compelling evidence of the offence taking place. As this is something they cannot do, you win.


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Perhaps you could try telling the council that you require photographic evidence. After all it is their word against yours, and surely there has to be some sort of proof that you were parked on the double lines that day.

Id try the evidence route... after all, technically they are "demanding money with menaces" - either pay up or well jail you (or whatever).

If you serach the forums, there was a thread a couple of months ago called "just got my 1st ticket" or similar, where someone listed thdemnding money with menaces, and it also being an infringement on human rights. Was also a link to a specimen letter.

if I remember correctly, i was quite impressed by that thread.


Actually, the thread is called "got my first nip today"

if it isnt already, this info should perhaps be put into the members area permanently, just in case anything happens to the forums!