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Timing Belt problems

<delurk - not a reguar poster>

Clio Mk1 93of172 Exclusive

Ive just had a call from my local Renault garage to tell me my car is ready for pickup.

I took it in on Tuesday because there was a worring whinning from the timing belt area thats been getting worse over time. I took it in for a pre-inspection and an engineer told that for 11000 miles it shouldnt be making that kind of noise. The whole thing just sounded awful and its difficult to try and describe the sound it was making, the only thing I could describe it as was like a drill going through a really hard wood.

I asked that the Engineer call me back to discuss in detail the changes turns out they stripped the whole thing down and the work has taken between 4 - 5 hrs!! The Engineer told me that they have replaced the timing belt and fan belt with the NEW modified Timing Belt kit that is standard on new 172s. There is a known problem with some of the MK1s when the rubber reaches a certain temperature - I dont know if it expands and rubs it up the wrong way to make the whining or what - he wouldnt go into detail since its for Renault eyes only :)

He did say that the new belt may be made of different rubber but it does have wider grooves.

Anyone else have similar problems? Just thought Id post and share the info - I havent picked the car up yet so dunno if it worked



  Audi TT Stronic

was there not a post about this before ? and a whole load of parts needed to be replaced, or was this a different car, or am I going crazy :confused: