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Timing Due...

  R26,172 & R5 GTT
Ok iv 66k up on my 172.. timing is due at 72k a.f.a.i.k ...... So im jus going to get it outa the way for piece of mind! wat i wanna know is the cheapist place on line to buy both the

*Timin belt kit

*Aux Belt kit

Iv been lookin on K-Tec,Ebay,GSF,Euro car parts

The timing seems to be the best on euro car parts.. but if u know better let me know

if i can get the names of the 2 aux tentioners i think i might be doing better than buying the kit!!

Thanks For lookin!
  R26,172 & R5 GTT
nah im not doing it my self jus wan the parts cos there robbery here in Ireland! iv recieved a Pm from them alrite so ill hav a tink bout it!
  M2 Competition
Timing is due at 72k, or 5 years, whichever is sooner.

If its a 172 its long overdue if not done already my friend.
I'm pretty handy. But decided that trying to get my hands on the correct timing tools and the hassle of doing this job was not worth the £370odd quid I paid GDI to do it. They were spot on and Dan just has so much experience with RS clios, he's rapid. Bare it in mind.