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Timing my 172

  CTR EK9 turbo

Well seeing as a load of you guys have been timing your cars with a stop watch i thought id have a go at this. Not only is it inacurrate, but its damn dangerous!!!hahaha. Oh well, heres how i got on. On my way home from my girlfriends i decided to go for a saxosportsclub special test of 65-105(supposed to test 60-100 as the speedos are out?)anyway, its on the A3 heading north between liphook and the little chef - i know, i know its a big steep hill, but i just wanted to get an idea. So i hold it at 65 in 3rd and toe-it, into 4th (unfortunately as engines quite cold still- about 5 mins warm -the rev limiter cuts in at 6800 rpm) and stop the clock at just above 105 - with the stop watch showing 10.6 secs. I guess that isnt too bad considering a cold engine and a massive hill.

Anyway, i thought while im in the mood and ive got my stop watch out ill do a 0-60 (or 0- end of 2nd gear) test. Bit of a stupid idea as its very wet and theres a few bits of ice and snow about. Oh well, i go for it. The launch is awful and im sat there on the spot wheel spinning in first and then wheel spinning most of the way through 2nd too. Great - a time of 8.4 secs! I find another location for another test and go for it again - a flat piece of road. The lauch is initially rubbish with lots of on the spot wheel spin and then it suddenly breaks through to traction all the way to red line in 1st jumping like a rampant kangaroo and then into 2nd with better traction than before but still spinning/jumping and as the limiter cuts in "nananananana" i hit the stop button 7.10 hmmmm Im thinking that i didnt reach 60 as the limiter came in at 6800 rpm and when its warm it should come in at 7200 rpm. Quite a big difference really as it catches you off guard and it does seem to pull all the way to the 7.2k mark.