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Tint or not to tint???

  182 FF Cup options
What is everyones opinion on window tinting? I want to tint my clio 182 with a light tint, just to give a sporty effect. Whats your views?
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
I just did my rear and back side windows in limo black, looks the b****cks. not sure about front sides though.

What colour is your car?
in some lights it looks noticable, others, not so much...


and looks a bit darker here
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
I bet at night time it looks really dark.

Who was it who had the all round tints recently.

Justin, what colour are those rears, is it light smoke?
  LY V6 with Recaros
I like it, I'm considering getting mine done at some point, just very light ones, think it looks really nice on the blue.
  182 FF Cup options
Justin i love your car, mint, and looks the muts nuts. Front spoiler looks fab sprayed up. i want a full tint, but not sure what percentage, maybe 30%? mines artic blue.
  172 Cup
Don't do it. You can't legally tint the front windows and unless you do all of them it looks shite imo.
  182 FF Cup options
you can legally tint the front 2 windows, i soke to a speciallist today, but you have to use a special tint.
  Clio 182
I've just bought a black 182 and I'm looking to get it tinted as well. Think I will get a light tint on the front two windows and a darker one in the back.

Has anyone got any pictures of a black clio with tinted windows?
  soon: 172 Cup
Just to warn you fella, it is illegal to have your front windows tinted (i.e. driver and passenger windows) you will get pulled and fined and ordered to take them off!
  182 FF Cup options
no you wont, it is legal to have them done, you just need a special tint for the fron windows (not windscreen).
mine are just classed as a light tint on the back three only, but they were done by the previous owner, so not sure on precentages etc
  soon: 172 Cup
no you wont, it is legal to have them done, you just need a special tint for the fron windows (not windscreen).

Dude, trust me, if your windows are tinted anything beyond factory specification as from last year, on the front A-B pillar windows, they are classed as illegal. I am a pig.... i should no haha! (well they defo are in Sussex but i am sure its a nationwide law!)
Here u go ILLEGAL OR SO IM LED TO BELIEVE BUT YET TO BE STOPPED!! now ive said that my nxt trip out i willl be it's medium on the front two (35%) and dark smoke on the back (25%), it's well not that dark in real life tho!! it seems to ave come out darker in the pics

handsyboy said:
no you wont, it is legal to have them done, you just need a special tint for the fron windows (not windscreen).

Mate it is not legal. New regulations came in last year, nothing at all on the front 2 windows, not even a ''special'' tint.

However i have had tints all round on my last 4 cars over a total of 5 yrs and never been pulled up once because of them. I have been pulled over twice for speeding and not a word said either.

You would have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with a copper that woke up on the wrong side of the bed and with a light testing kit available to hand, it is highly unlikely! Ive only ever read of 1 or 2 people being pulled for them.
  182 FF Cup options
oh ok. The bloke i spoke to told me the new windoe regulations bought in this year allows you to put a certain tint on the windows which he has just purchased and are of a legal spec. He must be wrong, but he sounded very certain and he knew what he was talking about too. .
  182 FF Cup options
The legal position is that the front side windows on all cars must allow 70% of light to pass through them. That figure also applies to the windscreens of cars first used before April 1985; any car first used from then onwards has to let 75% of light through the windscreen.
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
So you are allowed to tint the windscreen to 25%!! thats insane

Right, I'm getting my front sides done :D
  Black 172 Sport
You gotta do it fella, but be prepared to be stopped and told to get rid !

Had mine done, lightest possible tint.




^^thats illegal as all cars come out of the factory with 70% on the windows^^ lol didn't stop me :rasp: it mite soon tho when i get caught an then ill be :dead::(:cry:
  soon: 172 Cup
All factory windows are tinted slightly fella, so sticking what you believe to be legal limit film over the top will simply tip it over the edge! I am not saying don't get them, its entirely up to you! But i am telling you, IT IS ILLEGAL!
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
I saw the most horrid "tints" on a car the other day. the whole car except the windscreen was covered in this kinda gold beehive effect. looked utterly disgusting and you couldnt see anything in through them even in daylight.