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I have been quoted 260 quid for all my windows tinted on my Cup apart from the front (obviously).

Is this a good price?



i got charged say thats pretty expensive...i was paying that much because the rep this place has and the lifetime guarantee. The only reason it was even 205 was because they say the clios back window is quite tricky to tint.

Id say no more than 210 and that should include an around tint.

Yeah, for tinting a small hatch like the Clio, a ballpark should be £150-200, and at the top end of that you would be expecting a quality job, with a comprehensive guarantee and done by a tinting specialist (by this I mean Pentagon - not a car accessory dealer who are sidelining) in a dedicated tinting room with a completely clean atmosphere.

mine were £175 with lifetime guarentee, in a workshop, no bubbles, no dust, no scratches. he takes the film RIGHT up to the edges, takes all windows off car and dries them before putting them back. he is in the North West

Im after on in the Hull area (e.yorks).

The place is a dedicted tinting place so it should be good, but it feels expensive at 260 quid.

Anyone know a place?



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for 260 quid i would want the saftey tints that stop the glass from shattering, i have been quoted 180 for saftey tints with life time guarantee.


i would prob pay 260 if there was no where else near by. Dont want to pay for a cheap job and end up with horrible bubbles.

ask the guy if he will come down in price.
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I wouldnt quibble too much about 50 quid here or there. If you want a top top top job at Pentagon with security film its a *lot * more than that.