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To 172 or NOT

Just joined the forum in an attempt to get more info and the low down on the 172 as currently I have a VTS and would like abit more poke, to compliment the handling and so on paper the 172 is the next best thing.

Just want a opinion on these, as I would like more poke, but keep my running costs, insurance, etc down!

Im no stranger to power or NICE motahs, as I have had a fair few now, but I have wised up to extreme costs of fast cars.

My previous car was a MR2 Turbo which I the handling was abit of a handful, especially in the wet and with turbo lag resulted in my TUBBY all bent up!

As mentioned I love the VTSs handling and got one immediately after jumping into one. They really surprised me...

I have read up on some of the posts here and it seems that the handling is very lively and the build quality is something to be desired.

Anyway, as a judgement of how well the 172 handles, how fast have you comfortably taken bends, without ever thinking that the car is going to break loose!

In fact if any of you 172ers have been to the "RING" whats your fastest lap time and quickest exit speeds on the bends?
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Cant really answer most of your questions. I uses to own a saxo but have now moved onto a 172. The Saxo is still in the family and I get to drive it occasionally. I learnt to live with the saxo cramped interior and awful pedal placement. When I get into the car I sometime wondered how I ever managed to drive it (im 6 2"). My head touches the roof and I alway press the brake and the clutch at the same time.

The 172 was a massive step forward, it feels like a bigger car and has much better build quality. As for outright pace, it is quicker throttle response and clutch are far far superior.

Im sure other people will answer your other questions.

Go and drive one!!!



go get a test drive

you will get one after that (i had 5 test drives - couldnt afford one
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Hi DUDE, to be honest if I were you Id look for a mint Williams. I would have one but had to go for a 172 for work reasons.

Dont get me wrong though, I love driving the 172 every time even though Ive had it over a year now... but the Williams is something special though aint it.


Thing is I dont want a older car, NEW is the way forward for me ;)

I am totally happy with my VTS at present, but would like to have a newer car and one with abit more poke.

I have short listed some cars:

Clio 172

Clio 172 Cup

Teggy Type R

Civic Type R

Ibiza Cupra R

I guess that Ill have to go out and give a 172 a good thrashing and put it though its paces then. Ive driven a Teggy TYPE R and if it wasnt for the insurance one would be sitting on my drive way as we speak and I would even be on this forum.

The 172 seems to be the most insurance friendly for what you get (on paper), but from recent post here Im not 100% convinced. Guess the only way is to have a blast in one.

The only thing that a 30 minute test drive wont be able to tell me (and that you guys can) is the running costs, faults, reliability and and other + or - areas that you may have discovered during your ownership. Ive used to have a CRX VTEC (for a few years) and that was a total blast 8-10 years ago...and it never let me down once. The VTEC engine was bullet proof, same with the car. Never let me down once, but cost me dearly in insurance, tyres and pertol :eek:

Would most appreciate any HONEST views on the 172...



Clio 172- good loadsa goodies good for daily use + great car(get to join clio sport)

Clio 172 Cup +great car poverty spec 172 mad motor nice to drive bit manic but thats great(")

Teggy Type R+ superb crazy motor well worth it

Civic Type R +ok ish

Ibiza Cupra R+ perhaps a little too much power but tuneable

thats what i think..........
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Running Costs
Superb taking perforamce into account - 30mpg £30 per fill up - 300 mile per tank
Ive only have a fuel light fail but that was fixed under warranty
Dearlers are terrible!!!
£ per porformance
There isnt a better car!! I tried them all!!!