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to service or not to service!

Ive just got a 95 1.4RT and it is almost due for its 60k service - it has FrenaultSH at the mo, but i am planning on keeping this car for a good few years and am a fairly competentent home mechanic, having done engine swaps / clutch changes, etc. on other motors.

My question: do you reckon i should keep the service history up and take it to renault, or do it myself with the haynes service guide? i would keeo a logbook or work done and any reciepts.

will the motor lose a lot of value if its not got its history?

thanks for help,

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Id keep the Renault service history going. It may be expensive, but when you come to sell it, buyers will see its been well looked after, thus increasing your chances of a sale
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If you have the time to do it, and enjoy servicing your car, by all means do so. A full Renualt history on a car that in a good few years isnt going to be worth a hell of a lot is a bit of a waste.

If it were a newer car and you were thinking of selling in a year I would say keep it with the dealer.


D.i.y it, a fsh is not going to make that much difference to the value of a car of that age 60k is a really low milage for a 7 year old car though so i would check the value of the car with and without fsh with a dealer or something first. Clios dont hold there values v. well.

shredder - good idea mate, ahadnt thought of that. ill get onto renault or someone and ask about the price differences!

As i said im plannign on having it for at least 3 yrs, unless something goes dramatically wrong with it - this is gonna be my modifying baby! I reckon i will go down the DIY route, cheaper, more fun, and you get to know whats being done to your pride and joy, rther than someone telling you that they did one thing whilst you know full well they just spent the day burning around in it!!!!


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Do it yourself Steve if you are competent, and keep all the receipts in order, which shows a tidy mind, and the person buying your car will see that you have probably kept your car in a tidy order too.

As someone said, as the car isnt too new, it wont matter, but the receipts will show exactly what has been done.

A while back when we were selling a V6 Calibra with the Vauxhall service book all stamped up to date, we remarked about the full Vauxhall service history to the salesman in the Peugeot garage. He said not to worry about stamped up books, as they werent worth the paper they are printed on.

He opened a drawer and said "take your pick of about a hundred books" He also said that most mechanics if asked, would put a stamp in a service manual!

Dealers are scaremongerers in saying that your car isnt worth as much if it isnt dealer stamped. We have sold quite a few cars to dealers who have NEVER asked about stamped service books. It probably only concerns private buyers, but I am sure that loads of receipts for everything is more attractive to a prospective purchaser of your car than a book which if you have a mate at the garage he would stamp it for you, as the salesman told us.

These days, so many people mistrust some garages, who often skimp on the work (you only have to see programmes like "Garages from Hell" to see what goes on in bad garages), that car owners who have done the work competently themselves, are probably trusted more, especially if their car is very clean in and out, drives well and receipts and MOTs are kept in order.


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Anyway, these days any VAT registered garage can service and repair any car, provided that Renault / Peugeot / whatever genuine replacement parts are used.

Having a friend who owns a busy, excellent, independent garage, he has shown us generic replacement parts which are absolutely identical and MADE BY THE SAME MANUFACTURER as the dealer supplied parts, and are HALF THE PRICE, but to keep up the warranty he isnt allowed to use these identical parts. :mad:

He says it is scandalous to have to charge customers double when they could be saving money. If anyone here has a garage owning chum, they will tell you the same.

Have to agree with most that has been said, after about 6 years a lower spec car wont really require FRSH, but it should still have FSH by a garage who can pick up more faults than you can by using a haynes book.

There is actually more to a service than just dropping the oil, replacing the filter and changing the plugs, say one of the joints needs a blast with a grease gun? something you may not have to hand etc, and the fact is that a car with fsh will sell better than one without (ie if you do your own servicing etc) so it does actually pay in the end.


tony - yeah i see where youre coming from but if there are jobs i cant do through lack of tools or whatever, i will def take it to be done elsewhere - i reckon i could spot the faults during inspection, and even if i did get to the stage where i wasnt exactly sure as to the cause of a fault, there is always the garage to fall back on!

girl racer - yeah ive heard a lot of people say that its v.easy to get a book stamped, but i wasnt sure if it was just talk!


  Shiny red R32


Do you have a good local garage who can help you out with the stuff which you cant manage, it is handy to have a good relationship with a good local garage as they will help you out better than a dealer will. Some will let you borrow a ramp at a less busy time.


The stamp in the book is the reason i keep all my receipts as a fully documented history with official receipts from the dealer says alot more than a stamp in the book!