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Toad alarm locking query....

  H22A7 Accord Type R

Guys, as some of you may know, my Toad alarm cat 2:1 overlay thing really caused some trouble to my motor, its all running now, i arm it and it locks with the accompanying 1 beep..........but when i disarm it beeps twice, unlocks then re-locks the doors, so i then have to unlock them with my key fob to open the doors...........aint taken it back to the alarm guy yet as im scared to after last time lol (car had to get towed to renault)

Any help wud be good, Rob :)


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3

Sorry mate, I have a TOAD alarm, as well as the cat 1 jobby from Renault...mine is silent arming and is standalone (so doesnt utilise central locking), so I dont know mate, but will give you a bump just in case.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Hmmmm sounds like asimilar problem to my Clifford,

apparently its to do with renaults sh*tty wiring!!!

dependant on where the alarm installer installs the sensing wires, mine sometimes relocks the doors and its bloody annoying, its doen it less now, butr still annoying when it does.
  Clio200 EDC Lux

Anyone manage to find out what the problem is? I have got exactly the same problem, also how do I turn off the auto door lock thing ( alarm is locking the doors after 10 seconds) could this be what is confusing the alarm?

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  RS 182 - Black Gold

Hold down the door lockign button for about 10 seconds i think or until it bleeps.

That turns it off. IIRC
  Clio200 EDC Lux

Tried holding button1 down on the alarm remote and the alarm went off LOL, is the ignition supposed to on whilst doing it?



  RS 182 - Black Gold

^^ ooops sorry didnt make myself clear!!

its the Renault central door lockign lockign the door after u start driving.

To turn it off you need to press the button in the vehicle next to the hazrd lights

(one with red LED in it)

this has to be held down and will disable the auto door lockign
  Clio200 EDC Lux

Ahh thats where were getting confused, I am talking about my toad alarm automatically locking the doors ( its the Toad C4 I think)

In the little manual thing I got with it it states:

Autolock with ingnition on

If you have this option selected your vehicle doors will automatically lock in 10 seconds of switching the ignition on. etc etc

But it doesnt say how to disarm the function :( anyone know how?

yea sometimes my clifford counter acts with the renault lockin and goes out of sync,bloody annotin sometimes lol