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Toasted by a mk.2 Fiesta with turbo

  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh no, I feel awful! I was toasted by a mk.2 Fiesta XR2 with a turbo. He pulled next to me at the lights and I had one passenger, he had none. He started rolling before the lights went and he shot off on orange, (GREAT), so i proceed after him, he is in front, im nudging his rear bumper like anything, backing off slightly, then i hit the limiter (oops) crunch 2nd gear and by this time the fiesta is in 3rd gear! ultra close ratios he had! and the guy was quite old - so better experienced than me more than likely, but he got a few car lengths ahead and congratulations he beat me! bugg3r! I was clawing it back when i reached 3rd gear tho, but he buggered off in a different direction. Nice/quick car tho, and not done badly it was tastefully modded. It kinda put a downer on tonights success against an Escort Cosworth - read about my antics in Man-chuns RR thingy below i think.

when you say Mk2 do you mean B reg to G reg? if so it was an engine swap, of if you mean XR2i lookalike MK3 G reg to L reg then it would be a proper RST

Yes, dont worry about it. Makes me remeber a good race I had down a long straight with no traffic one night after work in my Scooby, when a modified RS Turbo wanted a run, and he was in front of me. I didnt gain on him, and he didnt gain on me, up until about 80, when there was a monstrous cloud of smoke from his engine compartment and I zoomed past. Lol.
  172 sport,

dont talk to me about fords with turbos ive been toasted by 2 escorts and 1 festa they all toasted me good too but in my defence the 1st one had about 320 bhp at the wheels and yes it did hurt as it looked standard even had o/e rims

I remember having a run in with a fiesta RS turbo, over took him at 120 then he over took me up a hil but then at the top he droppped the gear for the island and splurdge, there goes some black smoke, later find out that was his head gasket!!! SHAME!! Crappy fords
  CTR EK9 turbo

I was watching the back of his car dip as he changed gear! his first gear was very quick to be rid of, and now i can rev a bit higher with my new ecu.