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Toasted by BMW..........

  CTR EK9 turbo

I was going around the devils boat hole and there was this black BMW convertible -looked like a 330 ci or something, with the big front bumper and round lights. And in front of both of us was a Cooper-S (talk about "this is gonna be a good blast!") Anyway, the road goes from 1 lane into 2 and the cooper-s boots it, as do i (in 3rd gear) and the BMW is up my rear end like a bender. The Cooper-S moves out of the way and im going hell for leather, i get past the cooper easily (possibly not going for it as much as we were!?) and this BMW is stuck to my boot. Oh dear i think, it appears to be able to push me along. Anyway, i move over as quickly as i can and this black BMW overtakes me whilst im flat out, im thinking, surely the 330ci isnt capable of toasting me like that, but i notice on the rear of the car is written "M3" and say "ah, thats why then!!!" this thing was really really going for it, Roof down, shades on and a big smile. It passed me, but for 343 bhp id have wanted to have got past a lot quicker than it did. For sure, it was pulling away easily and getting further away, but not as much as my friends 240 bhp Pulsar does!? They are quite heavy ive read, but this dual was down hill anyway.

A convincing toasting for me from the M3 tho. Ouch!

How much slower are the 330cis? i think id be able to stick with one of those quite easily following this escapade........not sure about top end tho.....hehe

330s do 0-60 in 6.6 and can get upto 150mph easily enough, not sure about cabs. Unless theyre in the right gear, i.e a low one the M3 struggles actually, but i have kept up with a 355 easily enough in my dads, and whupped a cossie, so maybe he just went into 6th after he overtook you? I hate the way M3s are mistaken for lesser models..wish they made it more different!
  CTR EK9 turbo

It still looked amazing and sounded nice when it cruised past! he couldnt have been further in my boot when he was behind! "arrrg! im getting outa the way mate, just gimme a chance in me lil clio!!"

They do sound nice, not loud enough though.

I dont like people who go right up your arse, i tend to be naughty and brake hard. :oops:
  CTR EK9 turbo

I wouldnt have done that, he looked like a bit of a meat head/big dude! well, his foot certainly was heavy!!!
  RB5 & 172

went out in my bosss m3 and boy do they go well, its not untill you get into the twisty bits that you realise how good they are, nice sound aswell.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again... e46 m3s are the b*llox.

As for them not looking different than a standard.. I can always tell an M3 from a distance.

But then.. I am head of the weiner patrol.

Really nice quiet lad, went back to work driving tractors on the farm after 2 days because he was bored! You know the "couldnt have happened to a nicer guy" saying, well hes one of them I suppose! Fair play I say!

Still jealous though!


He may have been in a higher gear. Ive recently been in a E46 M3 and its awesome. A guy up in Aberdeen on the A90 was caught doing 156.7 MPH(that was average speed BTW!), apparently unlimited the M3 will touch 180MPH!

I doubt its that hard to put a small T25 turbo on, if i had a Cup and was old enough to be able afford the insurance on a much modified one id be on the blower to Van Aaken!