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Todays work.

  FF 182
Been waiting what seems like an age for a decent day to spend some quality time on the car. That day arrived today, hallelujah \o/!!

No pics of the process, but it consisted of:

Wash - Rinse - Decon (AF ObliTarate and AF Iron Out) - Rinse - Clayed (Farecla Clay Mitt) - Wash - Rinsed again. I done the wheels on Sunday and were still good so didn't bother with them. I also applied some Glimmerman Endurance Tyre Gel. Really like this stuff!

Used a CYC drying towel, these things are amazing! Whole car dry in a couple of minutes with no ringing out needed, happy days!

Next step was onto the polishing. Decided not to use my DA, instead just used good ol' elbow grease to apply some AF Rejuvenate, followed by AF Tripple. Two nice and easy products to use and gave some great results, especially Tripple, the flake pop in the sun was incredible, sadly i didn't take any pics :(

Next i had a choice of 2 sample waxes to use, AF Desire or Swissvax Mirage. Decided on the Mirage purely because of the smell. Has a lovely tropical fruity smell which you can't help taking a whiff of every now and then. Its quite oily and is very easily applied. Started off doing a panel at a time, waited about 10 mins and swiped my finger over it and it was ready to buff off, very easily as well.

Gave all the exterior trim a going over with AF Revive and the windows a clean with some generic window cleaner. And that was it! Took about 6 hours to do, from 9am til 3pm, very enjoyable!

Now, i'm still very much a newb when it comes to 'detailing' but i definitely have the bug, much to my wallets dismay! And i am very bad at taking pics, but i'll put some up anyway coz we all like pics :)

Some pics:










Tried to get a shot of the flake, but the shot doesn't do it justice. It looks amazing in the sunlight!
Last photo saved this thread. First lot looks pretty dull, presumably because of the cloud cover! Silver is so difficult to show up well unless you're a good photographer or have a decent light source!


ClioSport Club Member
Very nice.... I'm a huge fan of AF Rejuvenate, Sunshine definitely helps when getting pics of silver.
  FF 182
Yeah lol! It decided to get a lot more cloudy just when i went to take some pics :(

@JD. I'm terrible at photography, so add that to cloudy skies, silver car = bad pics.

Looks good in the flesh though :p
  FF 182
Cheers lads. Knuckles, thanks. Another mod soon to be done, TPI polarized wheel bolts on their way :)
Dan... Thanks! And yeah, after seeing all those lovely RB, LY etc on the forum all polished and looking amazing in photo's makes me kinda wish i went for a different colour to silver :boring: