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tomtom question

  172 M69 eater

is tom tom 5 good? was lookin at palm top packages and it seems u can get a good palm top with tom tom 5 at the same price as tom tom classics are going for... they any good?


Ive just bought a Dell Axim X30 624 Wi-fi & BT and cradle (£180 New) and running Tomtom 5 with bluetooth GPS receiver. Works quite well in the Modus, not sure what it will be like with the solar reflective windscreen when I get the Clio back tomorrow.

I used to have a Go but the PDA allows more customisation.
  172 M69 eater

i cant afford it jus yet mate... ill be buyin in a months time... jus like to be ahead on these things!!!
  R35 GTR

tomtom 5 is good, but I found typing in addresses is a pain on my xda, I have to use the slide out keyboard. Does anyone know how to find the on screen keyboard?


  Audi TT Stronic

I use Tomtom 5 on my Lifedrive.. very easy to use. My PDA uses an on-screen keyboard thats piss easy to use to enter addresses etc.

I have it with the full postcode + ghatso database.


  911 GTS Cab

can anyone point me in the right direction for full postcode acces on tomtom 5 pda and mobile please?