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Took my car in for service

just got my car back from the woking SMC dealership, top marks to them, good service. took it in because my service and airbag lights were coming on, they done what someone on here mentioned i think, tightened some wires under the seats. also whilst it was there i asked them if they could take a look at my gearbox cause of all the shaking and stuff it was doing, they did and this time this dealership found a fault with it they had set that there was a tensioner or sumthin which wasnt there or has snapped sumthin like that, they said they are going to replace it, its goin in on the 23rd of this month. can anyone shed any light on what they are gonna do?

once again top marks to the woking dealershhip, much better than the hassle i had at the other one! *cough* weybridge *cough*
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Sorry guys, cant think what tensioner maybe broken or missing or cause a gearbox shake.

All I can say is, they obviously dont think its too serious, as they have booked you in on the 23rd. Be interested though, on what they do replace or repair.


yeah u and me both lol, when it goes in i will ask them and hopefully they can elaborate for me, i wanna actually make sure they do something to it and not just make me believe that they have! lol