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  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

What tools do you all use (all those engineer/DIY mechanics on here).

I am constantly working on cars in my spare time, and I have always used the Halford Professional Tools. Ofcourse I have used other tools and heard stories about other tools, but in the 3 odd years of pulling cars apart and putting them back together, I have yet to break one. Not even one. And I have given them some serious grief.


I also use halfords pro series.

they are bloody excellent, and have a lifetime guarantee.

stick with them !

for workshop fittings.. (Engine hoists, engine stands, dial gauges etc etc, I use macinemart and screwfix.. again, both good quality for the purpose.

  mk2 172

my dads got a huge set of snap-on tools so i just borrow them if its owt i can do, there as tough(if not tougher) than old boots!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Joe, glad to hear u r also a HPro fan. Ive actually yet to find another person with a bad word to say about them.

And another thing is that theyre not extortoinately expensive either.

I got a medium sized chest, 3 trays of tools (1/2in, 3/8in and spanners) for about £200. (that was cos they were on offer mind!) That was about 6 months back and this set is the set I carry round with me all the time, complementing the various stuff I have in my garage and workshop. All Halfords pro stuff.

Joe, what I do need, is a couple of 6 sided long reach sockets, 3/8in drive in 13mm and 1/2in size. I need these specific sockets, somthing I beleive Hafords do not do. Any advice on where to get them from (pref online). Must be good quality.



see if you have a local motor factor (PartCo or similar)

they sell the long reach 6 sided.. or, as craggy says, find a snap on rep and get them from there.

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Will do thanks.

Theyre for getting at those seized, awkward b*****d exhaust nuts on the join at the downpipe/manifold on the 19 16Vs. Youll know the sods I mean if youve ever worked on one!

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Snap-on are very good, but are they worth the extra? I mean yes its very nice to have snap on tools to show off if you are a commercial outfit, but are they really any better than some of the other top brands out there?

Plus I know someone who has broken a snap on 3/8-1/4 adapter...he tried my one, and it got it undone.

Nice brand. Not sure about the extra cost tho.



  Shiny red R32

The guys at my local garage use Snap-on tools, and if any break, the rep just replaces them free of charge.
  Leon Cupra

Snap-on reps may replace broken tools free of charge but you have payed 3X the amount in the first place. I have a 1/2" drive Roebuck socket set i kind of "found" at work . Not the best make in the world but they are built to last, and they were free)


Been building engines for some 15 years. Used my grandfathers Britool tools for a while but now only use Snap-On. You have to pay for quality.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I have just ordered the above 2 sockets from the Snapon UK Website.

£25. Bargain. Not.

Still, my first snap on tools I have ever bought. A defining moment in my life.



  Shiny red R32

Paul, I bet your Snap-ons will still be in use for the next generation of Mitchells! Someone will be posting a mesage here in thirty years time saying that he is still using his dads ancient Snap-ons!

yeah, snap on is good.
i bought a snap-on die grinder in the end (a mini one too, less cfm consumption) cause i went through 3 other grinders!!!

snap-on still workin, and im yet to oil it!@!!

Snap-on do a cheaper version of 90% of their stuff. Its branded under the name bluepoint and is almost as good, even if it hasnt got the snap-on logo.

Facom tools are pretty good. we use these at work (Arrows F1) and seem to do the job. (they do some nice carbon tool chests for just shy of 10k a time! a small one will only set u back 4k...)
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

STOP STOP STOP!!! I take it all back! I broke a Halford Pro tool tonite! It was a T-40 torx key. The end of it came clean off whilst trying to undo a cam housing.

Lifetime guarantee test time. What a time to break after I had been singing their praises!