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TOORA Alloys

Sorry, I mistyped the name in the last thread, hopefully there will be someone to help with this.

The other I saw a mint looking M Reg Clio 16v in Gorseinon, Swansea. What made it look good was the wheels, it had on some stunning TOORA 17s and it looks the nuts ! How much do these cost and are they a good quality wheel ? Anybody got any pics, I am sure they were TOORA.

These are some on George Dicksons Clio :

Stunning ! How much am I looking to pay for a set of 17s with rubber ?
  Clio Gtt

i paid £755 for 17" toora platinum 8s which are the ones in that pic they came with the newest falkens at the time.
i might know some one selling some second hand ones.
  Clio Gtt

i got mine from a place called castle wheels down here in bournemouth if you plan to come down i will take my invoice and get you them for the same price.
i was quoted £1200 from oter plces on the net i think the cheepest i got was £999

Juss, that sounds like a great price then, cheapest I have found them from is Toora direct and that was £850.

I would not mind travelling down to Bournemouth to get them, be a nice drive down that way. Will hopefully be getting them in the next 2 months so maybe when I know exactly then I could e-mail you ? Thanks very much for that.

Are they easy to clean ?

I have spoken to Demon Tweeks and they do not sell them and I cannot find any decent online stores.
  320d M Sport

Those wheels are nice, I was thinking about those so wouldnt mind seeing em on a 172.....


Paddy, it was the first time I had seen them in the flesh on that 16v and they looked the mutz nutz I can tell you. As soon as I can get some cash together I think I am going to have to go for it !