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Top Gear - Noble Wheels

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Top Gear on TV last night - what wheels did the Noble have? Looked like TSWs to me but not sure which type...


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What about the Focus RS as well! Im no ford fan but that looked so good! and from Clarkson was saying, bloody sticks to the road, pity bout the torque steer though, why oh why did they not make it 4wd????

Nice to see the Impreza get its arse whooped around that track as well but the CTR and Focus! :D
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Thanks Matt - I think it was a silver one. The wheels had nut-covers and centre nuts like the TSW R-System, but I couldnt be sure..


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TSW Avus R has five pairs of twin spokes and a red nut in the middle.

Could it be those?
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Sounds like it GR - I gave my Demon Tweeks catalogue to the spotty erk over the road the other week so its hard to check. (Hes put some Super Ts on his Polo it looks great - they must have cost more than his car!!). Ill have a gander at the TSW site later.


  Shiny red R32

Mike if you check this out it will take you direct to the Avus R for you to see if it is that wheel.">



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um i think the scooby beet the focus in time around the track though didnt it ???

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I dont think theyre TSW Avus R; they curve in a bit at the edges, the spokes on the pic go straight out to the edge of the rim.

On the subject of the Focus.I assume they didnt make it 4WD because theyve got that planned for the Cosworth (if it ever actually gets put in to production), anyway the standard chassis on the focus is great anyway so they probably didnt have to mess around with it too much to suit the power. I think they could have done more with the styling, but that seems to be the way its going nowadays. Hopefully, if they ever do build a full blown cosworth version theyll just go for it in all departments instead of trying to meet a compromise.


Im sure they said that the noble body was made in South Africa, then shipped to LEICS to be finished of by the car that makes the Cobra under license from Shelby in the USA. If thats the case, the boss is one of my customers so ill ask if he knows.

Dont think hell be in for about 3 weeks though!


  Shiny red R32


Having a look at your pic with the full side view, I can see that the wheels arent TSW Avus R. The space between the pairs of spokes is bigger.

Someone will soon find out what they are.


Yeah, there built in Barwell which is the next town along from me!

Not sure about the Cobra though, never heard anything?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

There are a couple of Nobles booked in for next weeks track day at Donington. If either of them stands still for long enough Ill have a look..


The chap was in a couple of weeks ago telling me that hed just got back from the USA & signed the deal to make the Shelbys. He said Shelby was 84 but still drove at about 90 everywhere & was a nutter!

Apparently, Tthe Focus Cosworth is earmarked for 2004 i think. Was speaking to a Escort Cossie owner yesterday, who works for Ford.

Expect 4wd & 300bhp(ish!). He said theyre having troubles with the gearbox coping with all the power. Ok for short runs, but yr normal customer will not want to be re-building it after every 5000 miles or so!!

Hopefully, theyll sort out the slip diff prob that the RS has.......