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top speed out of your valver

  Clio 1.8 16v

i can hit 120mph in 4th then when i change to 5th the top speed dont seem to go up straight away were as my mates 106gti flys to 130 then thats it it stops mine flys to 120 change into 5th then basicly nothin!!!!!!what do your cars do?
  clio 20v

mine will only do about 110 in 4th then it will pull to 125 ish then move slowly up to 130 neva been faster than that think it would prob do a few more mph no more than 135 though and it wud take ages thats indicated though but wiv 17s so i would think its not far off


Mine seems to stop at 125, its like theres some sort of limiter there (not the rev one) cos there plenty of revs to go

fastest ever is a indicated 143 mph

last week got 136. 133 and 129 all easily no probs at all but my car aint std

im sure it will do an indicated 150 with enough road



the car accelerates much better on 15s it will be mental on 195/45/15

just find it has less outright grip but acceleration wise 17s slow down the car a lot more then expected. think it makes sense when the 17 way more than double the weight of a 15


What wheels are you getting for yours next then mate? Also have you got a problem with your e-mail as I get loads of e-mails of you with strange titles?!

mines completely standard, indicated 125 - that was 2 up (on an airfield-obviously!)
Dont forget that the aerodynamics arent great so at about 120 youll be struggling against the air resistance

I was going to say that..still some impressive speeds.

Simon and wongy, how modified are you cars, 142+ sounds a tad optimistic..

The aerodynamics of the 16v in particular are not great. The Mk1 16v is basically a brick with bigger arches and a bonnet bulge that sucks air in. :oops:

I find that I can get to 120 with great ease, but the rate of acceleration tails off massively after that - i.e. it seem just as happy to go from 100-120 as it does from 70-90.

Ive never got above and indicated 130mph on my tuned 16v (which was engine dynod at 171bhp), but then I hardly ever get the chance to get to those sorts of speeds.

But I do think that the 15s I now use (with 195/50/15 tyres) make for slightly better acceleration than my 16s (with 205/45/16 tyres) ever did.

could everyone list there mods with top speeds cos i have only managed 132 and i was sh*tting it!!

stage 1 HP chip

mongoose full system(De-cat)

PiperX induction kit with heat shield and viperX air duct

Also, for those struggling in fifth.... Nick Hill mentioned something to me and it seems to work......when you go into fifth dont put your foot all the way down, increase pressure on accelarator as the revs increase. do you get 120 in 4th? i manage about 115 and ive had my rev limiter increased

!30 on the clock of my old valver also felt it had a bit more in it, altho b4 the IK IT STRUGGLED ABOVE !20
  Clio 1.8 16v

i have got a piper-x induction kit and a full system mongoose [de-cat]come to think about it when i had a cold air feed i think it reached about 135 but i am not sure will have to ask my mate about that but i think this must be why i aint hittin that top speed no more because my cold feed fell of and since then i have always been hitting 120ish i bet thats why it wont go faster than that think about it cold air being forced in at 120mph!!!!think that would make a difference dont you?got 120 in 4th hittin the lim and my mates gf does that to and hers is a ph1 mine standard wheels on and been lowered

Well, Ive got a 16v with a moded head, inlet and exhaust manifolds, Vernier pulleys, cams and a PBV - as well as an IK and exhaust. And Im certain it wont go much faster than 130 on the clock!
  190 BHP Willy 2

i put some standard phase 2s back on last night and the pick up is so much quicker, i was only running 16s but boy is it noticeable. yet to try the handling as everywhere is bloody icey and i aint got balls like church bells.


Clocked 134mph - Only modifications Ive done is a K&N induction kit, but then I slowed down cos shat a brick at the speed of it.

Felt like it had a little more to go though.

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I got just over 131 a few weeks ago, but was too scared to take it any further....waiting for something to explode, besides, the scenery was going past a bit too quick in the hard shoulder!

Magnex Cat Back

K+N , Homemade induction

Strutted and lowered

Standard phase 2 wheels

Clear indicators (noticable power gains after these babys were fitted)

Will16V - Yer I was going to get some of those super fast clear side repeaters - Apparently 15bph at least when fitted!!

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Wahey! - wait till u try Lexus style light clusters.....fcuk NOS!

Need some space shuttle re-entry tiles for the bonnet now...


my list of mods engine wise are

full stage 2 by hill power

modded head ported and polished
modded inlet manifold polished for more flow
modded outlet manifold poilished for more flow
8mm magnecor lead
running piper ik/ panel filter. (much faster on panel filter)
piper 270 fast road cam
alloy vernieer pullys
de-cat pipe
full magnex
hill power stg 2 chip
black diamond clutch
i get 125 in 4th before changing up to 5th and it will still climb nicely esily

clean 16v just put ur foot down til limiter. a std valver does 115 with limiter where it is


my valver has had over 140mph indicated and a genuine 132.34mph down a 2 mile strip.

Only had 130 indicated in my cup so far but was still running her in!


So far, an indicated 129 on the clock! Had a bit more in it, just was running out off road!

Std apart from K-Tec Exhaust & De-cat
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

139mph hitting the rev limiter. I wasnt driving then though.

Ive hit 135, then bottled out lol.
  Toureg vW Transporte

only 110 so far on the country road last nite with one of those celebratery golf gti thingis stuck on my bumper, but ive only had the thing for a week and the temp guage aint gone above freezing lol. ill be off up the m50 tonite to check, not many pigs there;)