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Torsion tuning in basildon address needed

anyone have it?
i know rob will have it but dunno if hes gonna be online tonight

need to head up there in the morning so could do with the address ASAP

anyone got it?


balisdon mate your miles off

Its in braintree... well silver end

Your keep going past my turn off about another 20 mins. Your never find it unless yuo know where it is as its in the sticks mate. I can try direct you thou its easy for me... lol

rob can ya chek ya email m8 i need directions as best as you can lol

im comin from the m25 like last time heading towards dartford


yeh were fine car to apart from the fecking big dent and my newly kerbed alloy - whooped ass on a merc today not to clares approval @ 120 Dohh !!!

cheers for the offer glenn but im meeting with rob and hes gonna show me the way down there

cant wait woohoooo cars gonna be decked :)