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Track Cup - 6 years, 53k and some TLC

  Cup Turbo, Flamer's been a quick 6 years! I purchased it brand new from the stealers in 2003 and 6 years and 53000 miles later here we are!

It's been beaten up quite a bit over the years, tracked nearly from day one, then all the modification started, cage, suspension brakes etc. Visited the ‘ring 6 or 7 times, Brands over 10 times, Bedford etc etc

On the second gearbox, third clutch, god knows what set of pads and discs, second set of seats, third exhaust. But god I love it!

Since it went off the road last year due to the release bearing failing at Bedford, thus killing the gearbox and clutch it’s been put on the back burner a bit, and has needed a bit of TLC. As I hardly ever use the car now (trains to the city for work) it was looking rather sorry for its self. I sprayed the interior when I had the seats out, and managed to completely c0ck it up and get overspray everywhere – idiot!!

I called on the services of my mate Benn. He’s done some serious cars over the years, most popular being the Reyland 3 door Cossie. Here are the results after 2 days of hard work!!

The before pics – what a mess!




Ring damage form 2004!!!!!


Overspray from my dodgy DIY job!!!




Misc. scratch from pulling the bumper off so many times


……and now for the finished pics!

Scratch gone









To say I’m over the moon is an understatement! It’s still not the mintest showroom condition, but that was never the intention for the car, but you’ll have to agree it does look pretty damn good, and a vast improvement than before!!

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Last time I was at Brands you were there!

Nice car dude, good to see one being used properly! ;)
  Cup Turbo, Flamer
Last time I was at Brands you were there!

Nice car dude, good to see one being used properly! ;)

Cheers - it's getting there, just need to sort the handling out as the springs are dead and needs setting up properly, then bring on next years track season!! When you next on track?

Nice work mate, you use aggressive clay to get the overspray off?

I asked my mate when i picked it up if he used hardcore clay and his words were "it took all fooking day, what do you think" haha! I was going to ask him why he didn't buy a more aggressive clay bit thought that wouldn't go down too well LOL!
  Golf GTD Mk7
lol, normal clay does nothing on overspray. I splashed out and got some aggressive stuff for mine. works very well. just need to put some time aside to finish off all the panels :S
Looks sweet as f**k mate :)

Bet your mates arms were aching after all that claying and polishing, but gong by the pics its was well worth it. :)

Shame you killed first gearbox, but these things happen when having fun i guess.

Still a bit unconvinced on exhaust though :S
  Cup Turbo, Flamer
Cheers for the good feedback!

I'll try and get some better pictures up this weekend if the weather is ok, these were only from his phone!
  E30 318iS x2
Very nice looking car that I'd be scared to really give it some beans on a track when it looks so nice tbh.