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track day insurance

have booked a slot on the track at the fcs at the end of may, am looking for insurance to cover me on the track. what sort of money am I looking at and what companies do other members use???

No point mate!

Theyd charge you loads and the excess is very high.

Most of us have already agreed on here you dont need it unless your driving a ferrari/lambo etc.

Dont drive like a **** and you wont have an accident.

Plus we all know each other and who else is driving so no one else is gonna be driving like a gimp out there risking all our little clios lol!

Ive got track day insurance as it happens, but only because it comes free with my policy from HIC.

I use either Competitive car insurance on 011594152255 or Cig car insurance on 01376556833.

They charge about 1% of the value of your car (although minimum is about ~£70 often) and have an excess of £500 or so often.

Personally I got insurance every time I went on the track as I couldnt be dealing with a big bill like Yoz did but then again claiming on the policy would be expensive.

I needed my car for car for ever day use so did get insurance but if you dont or the car isnt worth that much more than say £3k I wouldnt bother. The problem with FCS is your only on for an hour unlike a track day when your on a lot more so paying £70 for an hours cover is a lot.

Im not bothering with insuracne for FCS but then again its not my only car any more.

Has anybody used the Greenlight addtional trackday insurance thats part of your policy on a "PAYG" basis?

Might use it if its reasonable enough otherwise I wont bother.
  Lionel Richie

no real point at Bruntingthorpe TBH, theres nothing to crash into apart form the Vulcan and the boeing 747 parked in the middle of the track, but you would have to be trying VERY hard to get anywhere near hitting them!!!!!!
  Lionel Richie

Quote: Originally posted by Day on 01 May 2005

Dunno about that Fred, I hear you are driving :p ;)
I was actually trying to hit the 747, the first left hander after the "pits" is a flat out 120-125mph in the yozzasport 1.2 (limiter in 4th, no point changing to 5th)

last time we were there the cooperS works were doing the same corner at 110-115mph