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Track Opportunities at French Car Show - From £37.50/hour

  Clio 1.2

Don’t miss your opportunity to thrash your car around the famous Cooskport Circuit at Castle Combe circuit in front of thousands of spectators. Exclusive French-only track time is on sale now!
Make sure you buy yours quick as we always sell out! 2013 limited to 20 cars on track AND we have gaps between some sessions.
Track Slots and Prices
Single session (4 per hour) - £25
Two hour open pit session - £75 (bargain)
Additional Drivers (all day pass) - £10 (can pay on the day)
Passengers (all day pass) - £10 (only available on the day)

Any questions please feel free to ask or email me
  Clio 1.2
Yeah I'd take mine on track but I'd end up holding everyone up haha! Tickets will be on sale until a week before the show so 20/07, After that you have to pay at the gate! :)
  Megane RS 250

don't forget

1/ advance tickets required to part with Cliosport
2/ 2 hour open pit slots (there is one in the morning and one in the afternoon). These are selling pretty well and may sell out before the show.

we will never run out of space as Japfest is a few times bigger than FCS and they manage to cram themselves in.

You can email me anytime with questions or ask here and I will try and check in.

Thanks Mark
Show Organiser