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TRACKDAY - Come On Guys!

Come on everyone, there were a good number of us when this got started off, but so far only 10 of us have paid up, as Kathy said in the thread in the event forum, we NEED 15 people minimum, so come on, if you are sitting on the fence, then go for it, you wont regret it, its a fantastic way of spending a day without the fear of getting caught by the plod for anything - you can find your cars limits and get a great BBQ into the bargain, and thats gotta be worth it.

I for one dont want to see this one die - cos Ive been waiting for this one now for a while

Come on guys!
  Clio 197

Ye arent all poseurs I hope. Get yourselves out on the track and enjoy your car!

Seriously, you will have lots of fun and will be a better driver for having done it!

I went for this last time and if by chance you are worried about the toll on your car - dont. I was driving at practically every opportunity, using the *full* rev range, braking as late as I dared, pushing as hard as I could and the car felt absolutely fine. afterwards - even my tyres had a disappointingly large amount of tread left, despite my best efforts.

When I go again I think I may not bother with the insurance as it was *so* safe as long as you are relatively cautious...

The track is excellently maintained with large runoff areas and hardly any armco barriers as there is nothing to really hit.

My only regret was that I didnt get an instructor to batter my car around the track, with me in the passenger seat to see how much quicker it could be done!

I wish I was going but work beckoned.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

... and dont forget it doesnt matter a t@ss what car youve got! At the academy day on Saturday one lad turned up with a Mk2 Golf which had cost him £250. He had just as much fun as everyone else mixing it with the Ferrari, Porsche turbos, TVRs etc.

So book! PLEASE!!

Would really love to go, but it just to far a trek for me from Scottish Isles. However when I move back to mainland I will definetly make the effort, itching to have a go on a track.

Alex M
  TT 225

Okay.... not been keeping up with this lot for ages, so, could someone email me details about this please?

Location, price, date etc

Thanks guys


Kelly - see the topic in Meetings & Events, this will give you payment details. The main details are on a link on the front page. K


Come on, there must be people out there who are just waiting till the last minute, well get your place now, see the thread on the Meeting and Events forum and get paid up - Its going to be one fantastic day!

4 more spaces to fill I reckon. ONLY 4 more spaces and this is a will go ahead.

Otherwise its a cancellation and look how many people you will have disappointed
  Renault Laguna Coupe

4 places @ £135 = £540. Whip-round anyone?? Actually, how about 4 places = £540, minus all the additional drivers and spectators who are coming. We may already be nearly there...

Not wishing to be funny with anyone, but the fact that most club based events are organised down south is kind of off putting for me (and probably some others). Id like to do a Cliosport trackday but its too far to go (especially if I kill the car) and there doesnt seem to be any movement on organising things more centrally

Actually, can we have some crying "smilies" as well, as that is how I feel. Boohoo.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

1. You wont kill the car m8! If anything mine seemed to run better after a good seeing-to at the first trackday. It was designed for this stuff!

2. Its only Bedford - quick whiz down the M1 or M6 whichever is nearer. Wouldnt take more than a couple of hours I shouldnt think.

3. Having been to the first one I would still go even if it was double the distance - kinda hard to explain but anywhere on the British mainland and Id have been there! We are talking FUN with a whole shedful of capital Fs here!
  Clio 197

Come on all of you 1/4 mile addicts. Get out on the track where the fun begins where you leave off at the strip. And seeing that smooth is fast, you will probably put less wear and tear on your machinery on the track.

Id be there if the ring wasnt just up the road...


Right, I have again spoken to Palmersport and have got us a "remission" until tomorrow - but WE MUST HAVE 15 CARS SIGNED IN BY TOMORROW NIGHT TO RUN!!!!!!!!!!! I cant keep pleading that we will get there - at this rate it would take us a month of bloody sundays to sign up enough !

Yeah come on down Rhys, jump on the M1 straight down here, Ill even buy you a pub lunch if ya come

Its the only time you can REALLY drive you car flat out safely, and the smiles on everyones faces last time said it all!

Kathy - is it 15 vehicles turning up, 15 paid up entries?

Im nearly at the point where Im gonna buy a Willy early and get my mate to go in it just to get an extra car down there!

Ok, maybe not that close (Blimey would I trust any of my mates in one of my cars?)
  Skoda Fabia vRS

Rhys, its about 170 miles mate

an im tryin to change the lack of stuff up north, but gimme chance matey hehe, not even had the first event yet

Rhys Sheffield to Bedford shortest route 110 miles Southend to Bedford (for example) 90 miles. Not that much difference. Just trying to convince you

Sorry - cant. Would be strictly against my very strong principles to say I wanted more central events and then go to a Southern one this Friday . Seriously though, cant get the time off work at the moment Will wait until the 205 is in use and then risk it instead of the 172. More worried about people crashing into me and stone chips than actually crashing the car.


Bloody ell Shefields only a few miles away from me.

Anyhow you get more stone chips on the MWay than on the track Ive got the damage to prove it. Trust me - no one will crash into you. The Nos speak for this. In fact if theres only 15 of us on a 2.7 mile circuit you probably wont see many others on the track.

Mike, palmersport site is now showing 28 places left... so were close...... soooooooooooooo close.

BTW are you not using msn any more?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Different PC - cant seem to get it working on this one. Can u try to buzz me? (will this work??)

Nahh matey, cant send ya a message, only an email.

Youll have to sort this one out cos its always handy to have a quick means of contacting people.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Theres a guy at work with an Alfa whod love to come - hes wavering but I think I might convince him later. Fingers crossed.