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Trackday insurance for CCombe

Going to get myself on one of the Racing School courses at Castle Combe later in the year (Impreza WRX and Elise course, £195) as I intend to start taking my Cup out on the track quite a bit next year and want as much confidence and experience before hand as possible.

Anyways, Ive been speaking to people at work and a few people have mentioned that its harder to get insurance at Castle Combe. Any truth in that? I would prefer to go there as I love the place and its just up the road, I guess the reason its such a great spectator track is also the reason its harder to get insurance, as it is fairly dangerous.

Some tracks are more risky than other best ring a few brokers to check.

A way of cutting the insurance cost down is to go with a good track day company with a good safty record.