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Trackday tyres for 15" Oz F1s?

  BMW 330ci, Clio 182
I know this has probably been asked plenty of times, but I couldn't find an answer using the search function.

I'm getting a set of Oz F1s to use as trackday wheels, and I'm currently on the hunt for some tyres.

Should I be looking at 195s or 205s for a 182?

I don't want to spend a fortune, but what would you recommend? Toyos, federal?
  182cup & 172 racecar
Either will do, you might get some rubbing with 205's as they sometimes touch the springs, but a small spacer would sort this out.

Don't skimp on tyres.
  BMW 330ci, Clio 182
Thanks, would 195s be better then?

I'm guessing it's 195/50/15 I would need?

I'm not going to skimp, but didnt want to spend 500 on some racing tyres, just want some decent road legal tyres.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
I use 888s and justify the cost because they're generally holding good value when you swap them out where they're on the wear markers. They grip better than federal rsrs but not 100% they last as long..

Nsr2 look good for the price at the mo, might be worth a poke (think they're about £60 each at the mo)