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Trade in Price - 172

Ok, im advertising my car for sale at £4800 which is a good price considering the condition.


Just been to Renault and looked at a titanium 04 plate 182 with cup packs etc... was up for £9995 which is about right for Renault prices.

I was shocked when I was told that they would give me £5000 for my car in part ex! :eek:

So guys, do these prices sound good? I said if you can do the 182 at £9500 with same trade in they've got a deal... waiting a phone call...

Whats the general consensus?
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Well £5000 is above £4800, which you may even get knocked down on, and it's quick and easy, no advertising costs... so of course it's better! :)

Out of interest, what is the reasoning for the change?
  Black S2 106 Rallye LHD
Is it at Olympian, Wallisdown??

I caught a glimpse of a Blue Cup earlier in the week although it looks like it's gone already; and then last night I thought I spied a Silver 182, so it must be that.

I changed from my 106 Rallye to my 106 GTi for a touch more luxury, which could be similar to the move you're making...

I miss the Rallye, but the GTi is much nicer.

Are those toys and few less miles worth £4.5k though...
it was at Westover (Olympian) in New Milton mate, but they've just got the car in so could be the same one.

Im doing the maths now, the car is only on 17000 miles which is appealing!


its not just about the toys...its considerably newer as well.

Seems like a great deal to be honest fuber...
i would love that car steve, right colour too (once the stripes are removed ;))

its just the hassle of selling private...


ClioSport Club Member
£4,500 cost to change sounds like a good deal to me Dan, and saves all the f****** about with random tyre kickers & test pilots.

Get down there with a bundle of notes and snap it up!


^ Its always the price to change, tbh, the 182 is a little pricey, but overall the deal is good.
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I piad 9500 for 05 plate 182 cup {real one},sonds pricey to me,but if it helps you by getting rid of your car then go for it
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For the sake of avoiding the hassle of private sales, I'd probably go for it mate. Give them a call / pop in tomorrow morning and ask if they've decided. Tell them you've got a buyer who's interested but you'd prefer to trade in with them if they can meet your price.

Make them feel like you're doing them a favour by taking your car.
right, im gonna go and kick some ass today :D

oh, and the 182 has been ownded by 1 lady owner with the name Mrs Jane Seymour.... lol Coincidence? or am i buying a star's car? :)