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Transmission Loss For Mk1 clios!!

right.. from posts on bhp.. and his fly, wheels readings...

the difference seems to be about 1.22.. i.e take ya figure at wheels times by 1.22 = pretty accurate fly reading!! woohoo!! finally a number to use!!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

90.3 usin that one then for me

but, every car will have a different transmission loss due to lots of factors, even oil rating!

also the fly figure is calculated when on a RR, unless Dr G used a dyno ??.....not seen the thread/post in question yet

well he has 2 different rr results from 2 different rrs andthey both work out bout the same! so thats good enough for me to have the figure from!! better than the wild guesses and unknowns we normally get!! and using it , it does seem about right! and the transmission loss aint gonna be majorly that much of a difference over the mk1s ... so its a good figure to use, if ya wondering on a pretty close bhp at the fly figure