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trophy, ring road bristol

  impreza p1
had a race with him in my ph1 172 down 2 stretches of the ring road, hit some fast speeds. but he wasn't gaining on me it was a even gap all the way.

pulled up at the lighs and he asked what mods i had, mine is standard but he couldn't believe it.

he said his was modded to 200bhp, surely it should of pulled ahead of me?
  172cup/BMW 320 coupe
was it an older dude, well i say older, about 30? if so then the dude aint on here but he has a filter,zorst, sports cat and group 'n' remap and is not running 200bhp! sorry to burst the bubble!
  impreza p1
yes mate sounds like him, not to worried if it was 200bhp just happy my 4k clio can keep up with his modded trophy.

ask him about it if you see him cos i'm sure there's people thinking i'm chatting s**t
  172cup/BMW 320 coupe
fair play dude, i see him quite alot in the pub, he dont half talk some crap, quite funny when he didnt realise i had an rs and that i new what he was talking about,

conv went abit like this....

dick:ye ive modded it and now im running over 200bhp!
me:really? what mods have you done to get over the magic 200bhp?
dick:filter,zorst,remap and a decat! nothing else is needed to get up to those figures!
me:blimey! sorry, but do u smell that? it smells just like bullsh*t!

ye norris he parks it on teawell hill, its red.......i think?:rasp: