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turbo 2.....

  Mk1 16v

just drove past 2 of these in south wales!!!

both drivin next 2 each other!! :D

absolutley stunnin!! tried gettin a pic but was 2 late
  clio v6

for pigme....

220 bhp..... close ratio box with LSD

870 kgs..... 0-60 5.0 secs polished compamotive wheels (split rims)

adjustable shocks... kumho tyres 235/50/x15 rear 205/50 x13 front

used for hillclimbs and sprints...

original parts in my garage to put back to standard....

We currently have 2 Renault 5 Turbo2s for sale.
1. 1984 full service history RHD. All retrimed, finished in Renault colours- yellow,
black and white. 185bhp engine. Excellent condition.
2. 1986 RHD finished in black. This car was built regardless of cost in 1986 by John
Price Rallying. 220 bhp engine, recaro seats,coil spring suspension, tour de corse
front bumper,devil exhaust,gotti wheels, full service history and excellent condition.
Both cars are low mileage

i emailed a guy who is selling these
  Ziel Nurburgring

Love these cars, was one of my favorite matchbox cars along with my Audi Quatro.

They are amazing to look at and go like stink. Would love to have had one

I really want to like these, I really do but I think they look terrible ! I am sorry, I cant help it but it just doesnt float my boat.

Obviously the car is a beast and is a classic but the exterior is not for me.