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I am considering a Turbo conversion for my 1995 Clio RSI what would be the ideal donor car I ve seen renault 5GT accident damage for £300 but wanting something more modern/reliable ive heard of people fitting volvo 440 engines? I dont want to fit a deisel and I dont want to modify the donor engine itself apart from fitting a dump valve what price would I be looking to pay for a more modern car with low milage (accident damaged) any advice whatsoever would be very much appreciated


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  Golf GTi DSG

I dont think you can get another turbo engine thatll fit in the Clio except for those youve mentioned. You could turbo your 1.8 8v but dunno about cost or whether its even been done before.

5GTT engine IS reliable providing you dont run stupid boost, leave the boost as standard and itll be fine, if you want more boost then simple upgrade other engine parts and dont go crazy.

The 5GTT has 120bhp as standard I think so its not that much more powerful then your 1.8 8v but the torque should be a thousand times better.