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Turini's have they had there day?

pot ltd Che

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I bought some for my Valver then realised I don't actually like them. I do, but they're too common.


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  172 Cup
I like them on the cars that had them originally, i think they look great on other cars but there seems to be alot about with them as mods.

What im trying to say is that the look great, but its the trend, so if someone wants their car be a trend setter they have to go for something different. If you get what i mean.

I will leave them on my cup cos i love the cups standard look (but it does need lowering a bit)


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I hope not, I've got mine the garage waiting to be sold. Failing that, i'll wait till they're 'in' again.
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Turinis are too common now but only because they look good. Don't know if they've had their day though.

Prefer Oz Supers and Ultra, they're lightweight too so dual purpose. My new set are pure purpose over style.

Turinis are the new Venoms



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They were and are a nice looking wheel, one of the few wheels that don't shout aftermarket.
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I like turinis.

But personally wouldn't put them on a car when i bought it unless they are standard.


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  ph2 172 track car
i don't think they have, i can't think of any wheels i'd replace them with for day to day use. they just suit the clio!
  williams 2,seat leon
i think there the only wheels, that look right on just about any renault. couldnt find a set for williams wheels for the will2 at the time, so got some turinis for it. looks epic.
  S3, Polo
I like the OE look for road cars.

It seems I'm not the only one. I guarantee that if the Trophy had been supplied with another design of wheel, they too would be popular...

After market wheels have to be very good (and usually expensive) to avoid making the car they're on look like a Halfords Special. Unless it's on a track car. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels however, are a good example of a strong, light and inexpensive wheel.

I have only ever fitted one of my cars with aftermarket wheels and that was my S2000 (the original AP1 wheels look $hit). I happened to come by a set of nearly new Rays CE28n's in bronze - a friend imported them from the 'States and crashed his S2000 before fitting them - he then sold them to me for the bargain price of £600! (£1800 new here!)

For me, *most* aftermarket wheels smack of spotty oiks and 'cruises'.
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  Meg R26, Nissan 200sx S13
from my perspective (dont own a clio) i love them, if i had a 172 (only cup)/182 it would have to have them.
  LY 200
I hope not, I've got mine the garage waiting to be sold. Failing that, i'll wait till they're 'in' again.

Are they cup or trophy ones Brian?

I love them still tbh - Something cant be bad just because its popular imo.


  The Cleee-O
Personally I like them as a wheel, they are nicely proportioned, have nice lines to them, and are very rare cross of a track wheel and an aesthetically pleasing wheel. However, i've toyed with the idea of getting a sport as my next car, and if I did I know that I would not have Turini's on it. I'd get another track style wheel, probably Rota's tbh. To me Turini's are the original 'good' wheel to put on a Clio, but there is nothing original now about putting them on to one.

Hope that makes sense. Ha :D
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^I couldnt give a rats how common Turinis are but they f**king horrid! lol

Matt do yourself a favour, stop being a f4nny and get the better looking OEM's back on.....Either that or sell them to me! ;)


  The Cleee-O
If they're OE on a Cup and Trophy, they were never that unique! :S

Yea, I know that. I just thought the thread itself was more aimed out how much the wheel has been used across Clio's in general, whether they're on a 1.2 through to a 182.
Yes, Turinis are popular on Clios but that's because they look great. To prove the point I wouldn't head out and put some dog s**t wheels on to "not be a sheep".
I don't think they've had their day at all tbh. It's only really on here that folk fit them & tbh not many on here actually have them, yes I know that quite a lot do (talking aftermarket) but it's probably not half of the 172/182 owners on here.

I still like them, they look a bit odd on the Mk3 Clio, but on Mk1 & Mk2 they still look nice.

This is where it's at now. The coolest wheels ever. FACT. If only they were 15s.
Espace MK1 :)
  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
I wouldn't change mine ever for road use, if I was going to track it I'd get a set of light 15's but I think they are the only wheel for the Cup.
Yes, Turinis are popular on Clios but that's because they look great. To prove the point I wouldn't head out and put some dog s**t wheels on to "not be a sheep".

I've changed my wheels many times on my car and was just asking a question but god forbid you question people on here.

  Charged Superleggera
after having about 6 or 7 different alloys i finally settled for the turini's. they are very discrete and proprtional. also its a rare sight to see a clio that didnt come with turni's with them on the road. granted alot of people on cs have them but thats because they work.