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Turning Airbag Light off on Cup 172 in the South West using Clip/RS Tuner


  172 Cup toy
I have a stripped out Cup, with no airbags fitted and have the annoying Service/Airbag lights on. I know that resistors are an option, but also led to believe the Airbag Module can also be permanently turned off in the UCH using a Clip/RS tuner.

I live in the the SW, but work near Oxford. Is there anyone local who has a Clip/RS tuner who could give me a hand for some beer tokens?


  Evo 8 MR
Unfortunately I'm too far away but you are correct in saying that the airbag module on a rstuner will enable you to turn off the lights.

It will need configuring again if you ever put the standard belts/airbags back in though.