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Turtle Wax Extreme

  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone use this

i love turtle wax stuff, after bein completely unimpressed by Auto Glym, but i do use there synthetic chamois an polishin cloths, and shampoo for the time bein as it was free

anywayz, im wafflin, ive never really wanted to try the extreme range, but is that the best stuff they do, its all really confusin


  Shiny red R32

Have you tried Zymol? Up to now it has not been too easy to get, but now Halfords have the liquid version, although I prefer the harder wax. Personally I have always found that the harder the polish is to put on and take off, the longer the shine lasts!
  Skoda Fabia vRS

nah ive not tried it yet, my Halfords isnt a Ripspeed one so it doesnt stock the full range of stuff

if it does come to mine though then i might try some

anywayz i was jus wonderin about the Extreme stuff that TW do

Dont know about the extreme stuff - was going to try it, then discovered the TurtleWax Emerald Series Advanced Liquid Wax. Also bought the paste version.

very impressed so far. Was about £9-10 per item.

They are made from 100% carnuba wax, which im sure GR will testify, is the best stuff to have in a wax.

well worth a try.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i was gonna try that too, my local one doesnt do the polish though, just the shampoo, but im gonna try an get some next time im at a Ripspeed Halfords


I know you are always up for a good wax and polish

Checked out the zymol distributors website yesterday and had the shock of my life.

Their top 2 waxes retail for..............

£699.99 per tub....

and, get this..............

£1299.99 per tub.

Fancy going halves????



Nope. these are the right prices...

£699.99 and £1299.99

Check out and go to their online store, and check in the wax/polish section.

Couldnt believe it either. That stuff had better be good... if it isnt im sending it straight back, (i wish)...



  Shiny red R32

A new e-commerce site for Zymol was launched on the 30th January 2001. Zymol is a superior car care system that helps restore and maintain your car in pristine condition.

Whilst it has been sold in the States for years and regularly comes top of US Consumer Reports, Zymol is still relatively unknown in the UK. Now with the arrival of stocks of Zymol can be more easily purchased in this country.

Unlike other car care products on the market Zymol:

Is 100% natural - made from the finest Carnauba wax and nutritive plant oils
Is 100% protective - creates a protective, durable shell over the car
Is 100% waterproof - repels water helping your car stay clean in all weathers.

Makes colours glow - enhances colour and depth of shine. Is user friendly - the rich natural oils feed your skin and delight your senses
Is environmentally friendly - contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives
Offers a 100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.
" Zymol does more than just restore showroom looks, it makes the car look better than when it left the paint shop." Said Jeff Maynard, deputy chairman and chief technologist at Net Store plc who is an avid convert to Zymol.

The web site gives a full description of what the product is and who uses it. There is a question and answer section, a training course and professional tips as to how Zymol is best used. Most importantly there is a Shop Online where you can place orders. These will be delivered by Business Post within two working days.

Visit the new Zymol web site at to find out some more and buy online.

For further information contact Shirley Cherry, Marketing Director Zymol Limited
Tel/fax: +44 (0)1295 680793, Mobile: 07879 235586, Email:
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I use the extreme range, I currently have the paste wax/polish and the extreme car wash/wax.

After several washes here are the results:

Excellent, bloody excellent. Much better than Autoglym, Mer etc.

My new 172 had a mirror like shine, but with the paste do little sections of the car at a time for best results.
Also finish off with the Autoglym supergloss protection to really make the car shine. 4 hours of work for the perfect shine WOW!!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

FACEMAN isnt the £1299.99 tub and special super dooper tub that when you have emptied it you just send away for a refill for free or something ?